When I am pregnant at 3 months, the company wants to dismiss: How should women in the workplace protect themselves?

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Work is a thing that everyone attaches great importance to it, but in the current daily life, some female comrades will encounter certain trouble when applying for a job, that is, about fertility.Recently, a netizen released such a thing on the Internet, which aroused heated discussion among netizens.

It turned out that this was like this. A friend of this netizen had just passed the company’s trial period, but found that he was pregnant, but the company pushed away with various excuses.Essence

This incident made everyone look at it. It really felt very dissatisfied, and the netizen also said that such a company is not interested in continuing to stay.

However, some netizens said that they were pregnant as soon as they were in the job, and they were indeed irresponsible, but some netizens felt that when she was pregnant is a person’s freedom, there was no relevant regulations, saying that they could not get pregnant when they just entered the job.

This also caused various discussions among netizens. Some netizens felt that the company was reasonable to do so, but some felt that the company did not meet the regulations, and it was not user -friendly.

Indeed, when we work in the workplace, we are likely to face the unfairness of the workplace. For example, the female employee mentioned this time has not violated any relevant regulations.risk.

When we face the unfairness of the workplace, some people chose to silently bear this unfairness, but some people chose to fight for their own rights and strive to protect our interests.So how should we deal with it?

1. We must sign a contract before we enter.

First, the contract is a guarantee for us.

No matter what kind of company you enter, what kind of work, and contracts, it is a very important thing.Therefore, we must sign the contract before entering the work, because related rights and responsibilities we need to be held on the contract will be written clearly.

If we do n’t sign the contract, then we have received any unfair treatment after entering the company, we do n’t even have a means of defending rights.

Secondly, we must consider it carefully when signing the contract.

And we need to note that when signing a contract, we must consider each clause of the contract carefully, because there are some unknown companies, it is likely to do kung fu on the text when signing the contract, play text to play textThe game comes to pit us.

If we do not read and consider the specific terms of the contract carefully, it is likely that we will suffer in this regard.Pay attention to each word in the contract and carefully consider whether each article is reasonable. If it is found unreasonable, be sure to propose it in time.

2. We have to say no to those who do not and protect our own interests.

First of all, only by showing your own attitude can you safeguard your interests.

When we work in the company, we must know that we are likely to encounter some unfair treatment.But if we do not speak this unfairness and treatment, it is likely that others will think that we are bullying and think that we are soft persimmons.

If we give others a cognition, then we are likely to be treated more and less fairly, so we must say no of unfair things and protect our interests.

Secondly, we must know the company’s various systems.

What we also need to know is that when protecting our own interests, first of all, we must understand the company’s various systems, because only by understanding the system can we know which ones need to be responsible and which are unfair treatment for us.Essence

And if we understand the company’s system, when we encounter unfair treatment, we can also use the company’s system to strive for more rights and interests for us and our right to speak.

3. We must reduce the impact on work within the extent and scope of force.

First of all, we must take responsibility for our work.

We need to know that although we say that in the company, we are just an equivalent to working, but we also need a certain sense of participation in the company, because since we have entered the company, we need to take responsibility for our workEssence

And this responsibility is actually in all aspects. On the one hand, we must work hard to treat their work, on the other hand, to improve their work efficiency.This is not only our responsibility for work, but also the responsibility of ourselves. Only in this case can we develop better in the company and be favored by the leadership.

Secondly, we must learn to use our own time.

What we need to know is that if we want us to make our own work better, then we must learn to use our time.Because we are likely to delay our work because of all kinds of things.

Therefore, if we encounter this situation, we must do our best to reduce the impact on work. At this time, it is particularly important to arrange time.Because when we work, we often encounter some trivial matters, and many trivial things can be done in free time.

Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of work and reduce our work, we can make a timetable to standardize our scattered time, which is conducive to improving our work efficiency and improving the quality of our work.

Finally, we must correct our attitude.

What we need to understand is that even if we have all kinds of uncomfortable things in our work, we cannot delay our work for our own reasons.We must distinguish between business and private affairs.

Therefore, no matter what we have encountered, we must be rigorous and serious, and do not bring our personal emotions into our work.Because such behavior is not only an irresponsibility of yourself, but also a manifestation of controlling your emotions.If there is no way to correct our attitude, then in the long run, our superior leaders will not impress us well, and we will also affect our work efficiency.

What do you think if we encounter unfair things during work?

If you have any opinions, please comment on what you think, and welcome to tell your point in the comment area.

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