When graduate students are pregnant, are you "promoted" or "born"?

Xiaolin is a graduate student studying this year. After graduating from undergraduate, she went to work directly. During the work, she talked about a boyfriend. After that, she would naturally get married and have children. It didn’t take long after marriage.However, because of the nature of the two people, the two were too busy. No one took care of the children. Under the weighing and disadvantages, they discussed the child to the hometown first, and asked the mother -in -law to help look at it.

Everything is cute and life is clear.

After giving birth to a child, Xiaolin went to the postgraduate test and took the initiative to submit the resignation report because she wanted to change her job. Therefore, Xiaolin is now a graduate student at school.While Xiaolin gave birth to a child, due to the change of work of Xiaolin’s husband (her husband’s current work in another city), Xiaolin went to graduate student after he resigned.During the holidays, Xiaolin was found to be pregnant. Xiaolin is now struggling with whether the child is "want" or "don’t".What is Xiaolin mainly worried about?

On the one hand, Xiaolin was worried that she did not eat folic acid in the first three months, and she was pregnant during school. She had a child during school. There were many troublesome, might not have enough energy, and the pressure was relatively large.If you are born, who will help watch the child?If Xiaolin is going to school to see her children, she will graduate for one year later, and Xiaolin does not want to take a year. In this case, she will not have the advantage in the age of finding a job.On the other hand, Xiaolin’s mother -in -law is relatively old. She is in her 70s this year. She also has diabetes. She has always insisted on taking medicine. The father of the father -in -law is not very good.Children are already very difficult, let alone one more, worrying that the body will not be able to eat.

But Xiaolin’s husband’s sister said: "Since there is, you have to be white, maybe he is just a daughter? So the children are all dungeon, how good! So in the future, what happened to the brothers and sisters, what happened, and there is something, and there is something, and there is something to do.The discussing person can help each other. And I still have time to help you take care of you. After two years, you want it, and your dad is even worse. Who will show you it! At that time, our children will also get marriedIf the child is, you will take care of his child, and you can’t take care of you. "

Xiaolin’s husband suggested that he did not want this child first, and said, "We two are going to school and one in such a far place.The body is OK, you can help look at it, and you can also ask this child. You see that my mother takes care of this is already very energy -consuming, she is older, her body can’t eat, and my sister has her own business., They all ran, and they all helped a lot of busyness. Then take care of the present, we have a little too much, and we have not accompanied the first child. This child will throw it back whenBar! It’s not good for children, don’t have this for the time being! If you want it next time, you have time, and you have to accompany your child and grow with your children. "

Every family has the scriptures that are difficult to read. Every family has its own difficulties. There are always dilemma in life. No matter which one you choose, you can’t bear it. It is not the best choice. I hope everyone canMake the best choice.

What will be used to choose if friends encounter such a thing?

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