When eating barbecue, don’t order these 4 kinds of meat.

@Is the season when people love outdoor activities, and one of the most popular activities is barbecue.The aroma and lively atmosphere of barbecue make summer barbecue a part of many people’s happiness and beautiful memories.However, although barbecue brings fun and social experience, it is necessary to pay attention to some health problems.

First of all, the cooking method of barbecue foods may produce some harmful substances, such as polygon aromatic and polyphenol compounds.These substances are related to the smoke and charcoal grilling process during barbecue, and excessive intake may cause potential risks to health.In order to reduce the intake of these harmful substances, it is recommended that you avoid excessive barbecue or coke over food, and try to control the firepower and baking time to reduce the production of harmful substances.Choose a thinner meat, because the fat is easy to drip during the roasting process, causing bright fire and smoke, thereby increasing the content of harmful substances.

In addition, summer barbecue is often accompanied by various ingredients and sauces.Although they can add flavor, they may also contain higher salt, sugar and additives.Therefore, be cautious when choosing and using ingredients.Reduce salt, choose low -salt or salt -free condiments, and reduce the addition of additional salt to food.

Homemade sauce, try to make sauce as much as possible to avoid excessive sugar and additives.Use fresh vanilla, sour fruit or yogurt to prepare healthy sauce.In addition to meat, you can also heat vegetables, fruits or seafood.This not only adds taste and color, but also increases the opportunity to intake dietary fiber and vitamins.

After all, nutritional equilibrium is responsible for health, but with the popularity of barbecue, some unscrupulous merchants are also using inferior ingredients to pretend to be high -quality food.Today, when I talk to you about eating barbecue, you do n’t order these 4 kinds of meat. Too many fakes, the boss does n’t eat it.

1: Lamb skewers, lamb skewers are very popular in barbecue and become an indispensable delicious dish.However, in order to maximize profits, some merchants may use cheap frozen duck breasts to impersonate mutton, making it difficult for consumers to notice it.

This alternative is designed to reduce costs. There are obvious differences in the taste, fat content and taste of duck meat and mutton. In order to make duck meat closer to mutton as much as possible, merchants will take a series of treatment measures.

They may cut the duck meat into small pieces, and then mix with the ratio of the sheep tail oil, and add some seasonings and additives.When roasting at high temperature, duck meat will absorb the flavor of lamb oil, making it a faint lamb flavor, making it difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish, and laymen cannot eat it at all.

2: Sheep waist, as a kind of barbecue food, has a seductive fragrance and taste, especially loved by male friends.However, we need to notice that sheep waist is also a kind of ingredients that are easily forged.There are two types of sheep waist on the market: crude waist and oil waist.

The crude oil waist is a real sheep waist, which is relatively high.This sheep waist maintains its original characteristics. After roasting, the surface will appear on the surface, and the tender effects of the outer coke will emit a strong flavor.

Oil’s waist uses cheap pork waist or sheep liver as the main raw material and wraps a layer of lamb oil on the surface.After frozen treatment, compared with the crude oil waist, the oily waist is not much different in appearance and taste.This fake sheep waist is usually used to reduce costs to obtain higher profits.

3: Beef skewers and beef skewers, as one of the food in barbecue, are also forged.We all know that the price of beef itself is high, usually more than 40 yuan per catty, so the cost of making beef skewers is relatively high.However, in some barbecue restaurants, we can often see beef skewers with a price of only 2 yuan, and the number is quite considerable.Such low -cost beef skewers are likely to be forged.

There is a condiment called "Beef Fragrants" on the market, which can give meat like beef -like taste and taste.Some dishonest merchants use this flavor to marinate meat to replace real beef.These alternatives are mostly low -priced meats, such as lymph meat, duck meat, etc.

4: grilled squid, squid is a popular ingredient, its fresh and unique taste makes it a favorite food for many people.However, during the transportation and preservation of squid, it is easy to deteriorate, and excessive freezing can also cause the taste to deteriorate, losing the original Q elasticity.

In order to maintain the taste and appearance of the squid, some illegal merchants use Fort Marlin and Flory for soaking treatment.Forma’s soaking can increase the volume of squid, look fuller, and can extend its fresh -keeping period, and it is almost difficult to detect after being cooked.However, Forma Lylin and Herbasus are chemicals, which have severely damaged human health for a long time.

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