When can the abortion be done at the latest

With the continuous changes in the concept of modern people’s lives, abortion is becoming more and more common.If women have to abandon abortion, then it is best to do it in the early stages of pregnancy, so as not to occur unnecessary danger.Early abortion is safer to do it. This is because early abortion is not complicated, and the possibility of danger is relatively low.

1. The time for abortion

At seven weeks of pregnancy, if women want to abandon, then only need to take some abortion drugs.After the 5 weeks of women’s pregnancy, or even 14 to 18 weeks, if you want to abandon, then the hospital may need to perform surgery for abortion.

In the United States, most abortion surgery was performed in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, but some states would allow abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy.If the doctor tells you during an ultrasonic examination that if they can’t do an abortion surgery, then you can also ask them if other places can perform such abortion surgery.

2. What will happen during the abortion

Women will lie on an examination table while performing abortion surgery, so that doctors can see the cervix and open uterus entering the vagina.Then the doctor can prevent drunkenness on the cervix of women, or a short -lived anesthesia for women, so that women will not feel pain when they do surgery.

In order to take out the fetus, the doctor will insert a small tube in the gradually open cervix of the woman, then connect to a machine, and gently suck the things in the cervix.

3. What is drug abortion

The first eight weeks of pregnancy can be used to abortion.If you are pregnant for more than nine weeks, then you may need to perform clinical abortion surgery.Abortion medicine can only be used under the guidance of a doctor.If the drug does not work during abortion, then you need to seek medical treatment in time.

4. What is the risk of abortion

Because abortion may cause infection, doctors may give you some antibiotics.At the same time, you may also have the danger of uterine perforation, but this situation is relatively rare.If you discover signs of infection after abortion, then you should return to the hospital and tell your situation to your doctor.

5. Will abortion affect future pregnancy?

Abortion generally does not affect future pregnancy, unless there is recurrence in the late pregnancy.If there is no problem with your abortion, then abortion will not affect future pregnancy, but the risk of premature and miscarriage may increase slightly.

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