When a world -class industrial project, knock on the door of the village

Drive from Guidan Road, Nanhai, Foshan to Hesui Road, and to the jurisdiction of the Holly -Village community in Danzao Town. Soon after, you can see a brand new and huge building. This is an intelligent manufacturing base of Guangdong XCMG building machine with a total investment of 2 billion yuan.Soon after moving forward, a construction site that is being built is equally noticeable. This is the South China New Energy Material Industry Base with a total solid investment of more than 10 billion yuan.

XCMG and Xingyuan material, one is the world -class giant of construction machinery, and the other is the emerging leader of the lithium battery diaphragm industry.In addition to these two major projects, there are also a series of heavy projects of a series of strategic emerging industries.As a rural -oriented community, why can Hecun carry these projects to land?

Since the 1990s, Hecun has joined the process of industrialization, and has gradually built the largest iron market in South China.In recent years, while promoting the development of the traditional iron industry, Hecun has also become an important part of the eastern park of Danzao Town, embracing the development opportunities of the Beibei War New Industrial Park.Under the new outlet, how will Hecun develop?

As an important part of the eastern park of Danzao Town, Hecun has accelerated the development of the development of the new industrial park in the Fobei War.Photo by Dai Jiaxin

The industry in the small village

"We have created the world’s most advanced tower machine ‘black light factory’. Since the trial production of production last year, the output is rapidly increasing." Said Jiang Wei, director of the Technical Center of Guangdong Xugong Jianjian Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

In March of this year, the South China New Energy Material Industry Base, which started construction in March this year, is also located in high -end.Chen Xiufeng, chairman of Xingyuan Material, said that it will strive to build a base with the highest level of intelligence, the highest equipment efficiency, the lowest manufacturing cost, and the best product quality in the global industry.

In March of this year, the foundation of the South China New Energy Materials Industry Base was laid out.Xiong Cheng

The landing of any large project is not accidental, but a thorough inspection.Although it is a rural community, the overall economic development level of Hecun is not low. This is the basis for the large project to land.This is inseparable from its long -term high -level governance level under the leadership of the party building. High -level grass -roots governance is also an important factor for Hecun to achieve economic success."The economy has been improved and the villagers are wealthy, which is the embodiment of the grassroots level." Said Mai Ruhui, a member of the Danzao Town Party Committee of the Holland Village Community, said.

In Hecun, the collective income of three economic agencies reached more than 10 million yuan per year, and the per capita dividend of the Economic Society exceeded 30,000 yuan.Among them, the rise of Yuelong Economic News Agency is a typical sample.Xu Xunchang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hecun Community and Director of the neighborhood committee, also clearly remembers how the collective income of the Yuelong Economic News Agency jumped from more than 100,000 yuan a year to 10 million.

In Hecun, the collective income of three economic agencies reached more than 10 million yuan per year, and the per capita dividend of the Economic Society exceeded 30,000 yuan.The picture shows Yuelong Economic Society.Photo by Dai Jiaxin

In 2004, Xu Yichang had not returned to the village as the party secretary, and only served as the villagers of the Yuelong Economic News Agency.At that time, the Yuelong Economic Society saw the successful development of the iron material industry in the neighboring village, and wanted to build its own iron city on the land acquisition land for land.At that time, there were two methods. One was to directly rent land to private, and the lessee was built by the lessee, but in that case, the Economic Society could only obtain lower land rent, not higher leases;However, it is difficult to borrow money because of its weak economy.

Under the leadership of the party branch secretary and president Xu Biaohong, Yuelong Economic Society, party members and cadres and villagers’ representatives work together to adhere to the self -built plan, eventually go to credit social loans to some funds, and pay some funds with the engineering team.The iron city was made, and it was a great success to promote the scale of the iron material industry in Hecun to surpass the original adjacent village residence earlier.

Yuelong Economic Society has continued to grow through the construction of iron cities to promote the scale of the iron material industry in Hecun.Photo by Dai Jiaxin

The development of traditional industries such as iron cities can be realized at the level of community and economic society.However, under the tide of high -quality development, it is not enough to have only traditional industries in one place. It also requires emerging industries such as high -end equipment and new materials to better develop, and this is not something community and economic society.For communities and economy clubs, what can be done is to organize land high -efficiency, and with the support of the government, it gives a capable leading enterprise.

In 2019, the Yangjia Economic Society of Hecun Community completed nearly 1,800 acres of land acquisition.At that time, many people were very resistant to the matter because the Yang Jia Economic Society had never been signed.There are more than 950 shareholders with voting rights. It is very difficult to do their jobs.Under the leadership of community party committees and economic agency cadres, first of all, more than 30 party members of the branch began to explain the plan, and then conducted interpretation of villagers in batches.The land acquisition was finally successfully completed, creating space for the landing of XCMG, Xingyuan Material and other projects.

Let farmers and experts be "acquaintances"

"I couldn’t think of dreaming before, and our village had such a good day today." Chen Qiaohuan, a villager in Yuelong Economic Society, sighed.

There are nearly 10,000 permanent population in Hecun. In the villages of Danzao, the scale is not large and developed early.Among the three major development areas of Danzao Town, Hecun is part of the eastern park of key development.On the basis of existing industrial development, it is almost impossible to achieve today’s results without planning the landing of Dongfeng.

Among the three major development areas of Danzao Town, Hecun is part of the eastern park of key development.Photo by Dai Jiaxin

In February 2022, the Provincial Government officially approved the Fobei North War New Industrial Park as one of the 7 large industrial agglomeration areas in the province.This total planned area of 487 square kilometers and spanned Jiuzhen Street, two districts, has become an important driving force for regional development.Hecun is just within the planning of the Fobei War New Industrial Park. The landing of XCMG and Xingyuan materials is under this new opportunity.

For the community, the introduction of large projects is not the end of "selling land".In fact, cooperating with the government to carry out land acquisition work is a good thing for the community.After the large project has been landed one after another, the value of the land in the Economic Society of Hecun Community has also risen. At the same time, the overall industrial form and appearance will usher in huge changes, and the collective income has more room for growth.

How to make big projects one by one that truly become a long -term "cornucopia" for community development?Today, there are more than 300 employees of the intelligent manufacturing base of the XCMG Machinery Machinery, and the level of talent levels of the South China New Energy Material Industry Base will be more high -end.Hecun first plans to integrate the project into the creation of the "acquaintance community", so that local and foreign, from farmers, workers, merchants, business owners to experts, everyone establishes a closer connection.On June 30, the Party Committee of Hecun Community and the XCMG Party Branch officially launched a pairing co -construction, so that the people of Hecun could better understand Xugong, and let the Xu workers understand Hecun more.

Since last year, the South China Sea has taken the lead in "creating" work in the urban community.Danzao Town plans to promote the full coverage of rural communities this year, while Hecun has gone ahead."Who said that the countryside does not need to create an acquaintance community?" Xu Yichang realized this very early.He felt that there was a social tradition of acquaintances, and now facing rural areas that are similar to cities, in fact, they need to be "familiar".Therefore, when the "creation" in the region has not yet advanced to the countryside, Xu Yichang took the initiative to dock with the relevant departments, hoping to integrate into the relevant work.

During the Dragon Boat Festival in June, a "Chuangxiang" activity under the name of "Leaf Leaf Fragrance · Ai Nuanhe Village" launched hotly.In addition to the Dragon Boat Festival, the Hecun Community also carried out a series of "cooked" activities in combination with multiple nodes, major matters in the village, and villagers’ living needs.Among them, the Yuelong Economic Society of Danzao Town Rural Rejuvenation Economic Co., Ltd., the "Creation" activity was grand.At the Women’s Day, the excitement of the Yuelong Economic News Agency is comparable to the New Year, because the collective dinner and tug of war, which organized the whole community, not only let local villagers and women from marrying women participate, but also invites iron -cities tenants and industrial enterprise employees to come.When you come and go, people’s feelings also heat up.

During the Dragon Boat Festival in June, a "Chuangxiang" activity under the name of "Leaf Leaf Fragrance · Ai Nuanhe Village" launched hotly.Lotus Village Community Photo Conferry

"Many of our colleagues come from Xuzhou, and they often deal with the community after work. The community has provided us with a lot of support for us." Jiang Wei said.

Starting from the connection between people

Let the community residents and markets, the South China Sea in the park, and the people of different backgrounds are "familiar". It is just the first step in the Lotus Village community to seize the implementation of world -class projects and accelerate development.

Starting from the establishment of emotional and cultural connections between people, concentric cooperation can promote economic development and help everyone happier.Wen Hongwen, a member of the Consultation Committee of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the director of the Social Governance Research Center of South China University of Technology, believes that the South China Sea has passed the "creation" andI have a new series of experience.

At present, Hecun is gradually extending the "creation" work to all levels of the community, fully reflecting the co -governance role of the community’s diverse subjects.For example, for the elderly group, Hecun wants to enrich leisure and entertainment activities, and mobilize the Economic Society to regularly carry out the elderly birthday party over 60 years of age, so that they are always raised, old, old, old, and old.In order to enhance the happiness of the elderly.In order to thank the community cleaning players to pay for the hot summer days, Horizun recently launched a cooling activity in summer, and distributed condolences such as cool drinks, fans, and daily necessities.

Especially for new citizens, Hecun has recently carried out new citizens to integrate into the local rural culture and cultural friendship activities, explore and punch card with the theme of local culture, and enhance the sense of belonging of new citizens.

Hecun has recently carried out the integration of new citizens into the local family and cultural friendship activities to enhance the sense of belonging of new citizens.Lotus Village Community Photo Conferry

But in Xu Yichang’s view, this is still not enough.He hopes that on the basis of doing a good job of village regulations and enhancing community cohesion, foreign operators and industry talents in the area will be mobilized.Upload and down, solve difficulties.

While promoting "cooked" the whole region, the Holland Village community also conducted a key breakthrough in the area.At present, some large -scale "cooked" activities have only been launched in economic clubs such as Yuelong due to the limits of funds.Hecun plans to launch more economic cooperatives, relying on the usual party building projects, establish relevant mechanisms, and explore and carry out deeper "creation" activities.

"Cleaning" not only improves the level of grass -roots governance and indirectly promotes economic development, but also can directly participate in the original industrial upgrading.Before Xu Xunchang returned to the village, he had started a company, so he was very good at dealing with entrepreneurs.He hopes to unite the iron merchants in Hecun and even the surrounding areas to set up an iron material industry association to avoid "internal consumption" through medium and long -term planning and managementIn the overall situation.

In the context of the accelerated development of the Fobei War New Industrial Park, although Hecun has the first opportunity, the long -term adherence to the future will not be less.In the future, combined with the "cooked", the high -quality development of Hecun’s industrial industry may not only be at the forefront of Danzao and the South China Sea, but also provide a sample to the developed rural areas of the Pearl River Delta economy.

Research Notes

If the new industry landing, more "acquaintances" need to be more "acquaintances"

One step has stepped into urbanization and industrialization, and one step is still in rural areas. This is the true portrayal of many rural communities in the Pearl River Delta.At the level of development, Hecun is an ordinary one of thousands of communities.However, in the integration of industrial development and social governance, Hecun is a more foreseeable and daring to explore.

The premise of exploration is to know.The development of industrial development and social governance, first of all, know what kind of society this is.As a "mixture" at a specific stage of development, rural communities are neither a complete rural nor a complete city. They also have some characteristics of urban and rural areas. They must also have different governance methods of urban and rural areas.The South China Sea is the only area in Guangdong to build an experimental area for the construction of urban and rural integration development and reform and innovation. To a certain extent, it is also because the South China Sea is typical in this regard.Hecun is one of the representatives.

Exploring to succeed is inseparable from a dare word."Cleaning" is originally a new thing that combines rural, strategic emerging industries, and traditional industries.Many of the new situations that Hecun wants to face is unknown, and you need to dare to continue to take a new step.In the process, the village party committee played an important role.

What form will the combination of "war new industry+rural community" develop in the future?What will happen to social interaction and industrial upgrade model?Looking forward to the answer given by Hecun.

[Written article] Xiong Cheng You Wei Yu Wu Zhizhou

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