What’s wrong with the menstruation and not getting pregnant.

Menstruation can be said to be the best health partner of our girl. Whether it comes to it every month is really important for us. It can be a few days and a few days, but it is too long.Then, what happened without menstruation or pregnancy, have you been pregnant without menstruation?

Haven’t you come to menstruation and haven’t you got pregnant? Have you encountered it? What’s going on?

I don’t know if the girls have encountered such a problem, that is, this "aunt" menstruation will come for more than half a month later. I have had such a situation before.Before coming, I forgot this matter when I was busy at that time. I didn’t remember this until the end of the month. My first reaction was the same as many girls.Single, wasn’t it a gynecological issue and later finally came.

What is the reason why I have no menstruation and no pregnancy?

1. Stress

It has not been menstruation, no pregnancy, and it is impossible to get pregnant. It may be that this pressure is too strong to cause this menstrual delay. When our girls are under too much pressure, they may cause disorders of body hormone secretion, plus plus plusIt is not normal to go to work, always stay up late, and sleep late, so that it is easy to cause menstruation late.

2. Gynecological issues

It may be a gynecological problem without menstruation nor pregnancy, such as endometriosis or conjunctivitis, or ovarian cysts, causing abnormal ovulation, so that menstruation is irregular.

3. Early more

If you have n’t come to menstruation or do n’t get pregnant for a long time, then you have to consider that it may be too early. Generally speaking, Can all cause premature ovarian failure, and then advance this menopausal time. It is possible that menopausal signs may occur before the age of 40. We know that menopause means menopausal.I can get pregnant.

Can I get pregnant without menstruation?


This "meeting" that has not been pregnant for menstruation is aimed at temporarily without menstruation. After this period of time, the body is raised, and the menstruation comes, and it may still be pregnant. If you haveIf you live together in the other half, it is possible that this menstrual period is because of pregnancy.

2. No

I have not been pregnant without menstruation. This is mainly aimed at early more problems, or no menstruation caused by other gynecological diseases. Such conditions will cause some problems with ovulation.It’s the matter.

What happened without menstruation or pregnancy, have you been pregnant if you have never come to menstruation? I believe everyone should be clear at the moment!Then this has never been pregnant, but it may be pregnant, but no matter what, this is always a problem with menstruation. Everyone is better to find out!

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