What’s wrong with the cold stomach of pregnancy

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers find that their bodies will have various changes compared to before. For example, many people find that they often feel cool after pregnancy. After this happens, the prospective motherI am often afraid that it will have a bad impact on myself and the fetus. What is going on with the cold stomach?

The cold belly of pregnant women is a normal physiological phenomenon, and expectant mothers need to worry.Specific analysis: The belly of pregnant women’s belly is continuously expanded due to the increase of the uterus of the fetus, which may compress the blood vessels, resulting in the blood operation of the blood is not smoother than other places. Therefore, the temperature has always been lower than other places.Phenomenon, as long as there are no other discomfort, you don’t have to worry too much.As long as you check regularly, pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold.Once abdominal pain and symptoms of bleeding discomfort, you must consider the situation of threatened abortion. You should go to the hospital for B -ultrasound for tire protection treatment in time.

What is going on with the cold belly of pregnant women-What should I do if the pregnant woman’s belly is cold?

1. Pay attention to keeping the whole body warm pregnant women with cold belly belly must ensure the warmth of the body and the whole body., Mask, especially the abdomen, should be kept warm.

2. Proper exercise mothers should exercise appropriately during pregnancy, such as walking, doing housework, yoga, etc., to improve the blood circulation of the body and improve the cold belly.

3. Pay attention to diet balanced Mom. Mom should pay attention to the nutritional balance of diet. Do not eat too greasy diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to supplementing protein foods such as meat, milk, beans, etc. In addition, pay attention to calcium supplementation.Drink warm water.

4. Regular delivery of the quasi -mother’s belly is cold and needs to be checked on time to close the condition of the baby’s baby to prevent the belly of cold belly and affect the health of the baby.

5. Keep your mood happy Mom. Moms should always maintain a pleasant mood. Don’t worry too much. As long as the body is normal and the baby’s tire baby develops normally, the cold belly will not affect the baby’s baby.

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