What’s wrong with ovulation without ovulation?

In modern society, pregnancy is a very important thing. It is determined, put into action, and takes a serious measurement of the ovulation during the body temperature.

Where is the problem?

There is a possibility that no ovulation.

Ideally, women of childbearing age will ovulate every month, and then the egg and sperm will be combined. This is the beginning of pregnancy.But in some cases, the aunt came on time, but she didn’t ovulate and felt that everything was normal, but she couldn’t get pregnant without release of mature eggs.Among the causes of infertility, ovulation -free is the most common.

There are two age groups that often have no ovulation: the first year after the first menstrual period; close to menopause, 40 to 50 years old women.

The above two groups of people above are caused by the changes in hormone levels. At the beginning of the trend, they are very young. They do not consider pregnancy. In principle, they do not consider pregnancy.In addition, there are several other reasons, including too fat or too thin, excessive exercise, and the problem and pressure of eating habits.

No ovulation is usually accompanied by irregular menstruation. If the menstrual cycle is always within 24 to 35 days, ovulation should be normal.

The above reasons are physiological. The second most important reason is diseases. Polycystic ovary syndrome, premature menopause, etc. can cause ovulation without ovulation.

The third category is caused by contraceptives. The principle of female contraceptives is not to make people ovulation, otherwise it is a fake or invalid drug.

However, not all women’s contraceptives are ovulation without ovulation. For example, the copper ring in the birth ring does not affect ovulation, but contraceptives affecting the combination of sperm and eggs.

The fourth category is the side effects of the drug. Some drugs can cause ovulation without ovulation: NSAIDS: ibuprofen is the most commonly used type. Studies have found that if you eat continuously for more than 10 days, you may cause ovulation without ovulation. Pay attention when preparing for pregnancy, but pay attention to pregnancy, but pay attention to pregnancy.Do not use this type of medicine as contraceptives because it is not insurance; herbal medicine and natural products: Some of these things contain estrogen ingredients, some simply add people, so do not eat these things, only disadvantages are not good; estrogen is not good;Topical medicine: Some of these things are to deal with preliminary syndrome, and some are under the guise of younger people. Although it is external, the human body may absorb the estrogen or progesterone in it to cause ovulation without ovulation;It will affect ovulation, and half of women who are closed with glucocorticoids have irregular menstruation; epilepsy drugs; ovulation -free is actually second. Such drugs may cause birth defects.: It may cause damage to the ovary.

The treatment of ovulation without ovulation is to find the cause, and the problem of ovulation -free can not be completely solved without solving the internal reasons.

If you only start with ovulation, you can take drugs that promote ovulation. This drug is mainly chlorofin and gonadotropin.The role of chloribal of citrate is to increase the synthesis of gonad hormones.

In addition, there are gonadotropin release hormones, hemosfen, etc. If it is due to excessiverogens, glucocorticoids can be used to reduce testosterone levels.Changing lifestyle habits also have a certain effect.

The first -line drugs for treating diabetes are used to treat ovulation -free caused by the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome.Fen jointly used.

One problem that promotes ovulation treatment is that it will lead to multiple births, so that the fetal mortality rate increases, especially patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. Therefore, measures should be taken in promoting ovulation treatment to prevent multiple births.It is necessary to start from a small dose and monitor the ovaries with vaginal ultrasound. If there are signs of multiple twins, the patients and wife are required to take contraceptive measures to wait for the next ovulation period before considering conception.

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