What’s wrong with frequent urination during pregnancy?The expectant mothers do these three things, and no longer need to get up all night

Recently, Xinxin, who was almost pregnant for almost eight months, always asked me to chat from time to time from time to time, saying that he couldn’t sleep. He had to get up about 5 times a night, and basically couldn’t sleep well every night.At the same time, she is also worried about whether this situation is normal and whether it will affect the fetus.

I believe that many pregnant moms will encounter this situation, especially the prospective mothers in the late pregnancy. Of course, there are some pregnant women who do not have frequent urination. So what is the frequent urination during pregnancy?

In fact, frequent urination of expectant mothers usually occur in three months before pregnancy (ie 0 ~ 3 months) and the next three months (8-10 months). In addition, at different stages of pregnancy, the causes of frequent urination of expectant mothers are not the same.In the early stages of pregnancy, the main cause of frequent urination of expectant mothers in the early pregnancy is that after women are pregnant, the elevation of progesterone levels causes pelvic organs to be congested, which will cause minor urine frequency.In addition, the uterus location is in the middle of the pelvic cavity, the front is the bladder, and the rectum is behind. As the fetus increases, the amniotic fluid in the uterus will become more and more.Early frequent urination.Generally, when the uterus in the middle of pregnancy increases the pelvic cavity again, the frequent urination of pregnant moms will improve.Frequent urination in the third trimester: Usually wait for about 7 to 8 months of pregnancy, most expectant mothers will have frequent urination. The cause of frequent urination is mainly related to the increase in uterine volume and the fetus into the pot.In the late pregnancy, the fetal head slowly faces down, located above the pubic bone combination. When the time is mature, the baby’s fetal head will enter the pelvic cavity again, which will cause the bladder to be squeezed, the capacity will be reduced, and the number of expectant mothers will increase.In addition, some fetuses may not feel frequent urine in pregnant mummy, which is also closely related to the increase in the volume of the uterus.

It should be noted that if the expectant mothers have some pathological conditions, such as urinary system infection, etc., it may also lead to frequent urination.Generally, expectant mothers need to seek medical treatment in time.

In response to the frequent nights of urine during pregnancy, the following 3 suggestions are given to expectant mothers.

1. Grasp the time of good water

Some expectant moms will feel that drinking less water during pregnancy will not be frequent. In fact, this is a wrong point of view. This is because due to the need for pregnancy during pregnancy, expectant mothers should still add enough water in time. OtherwiseIt may be reduced.

If the pregnant mother does not want to get up at night, drink more water during the day, and do not drink water within 2 hours before going to bed at night.Some expectant mothers can’t remember drinking water during the day, or they think of a little bit when they are thirsty. In fact, it is recommended that pregnant moms may wish to buy a thermos cup to pour some warm water.

2. Pay attention to diet

Sometimes the number of expectant mothers may be caused by improper diet. For example, eating is too spicy and stimulating, which not only causes the increase in drinking water to increase urination, but also causes gastrointestinal discomfort.

In addition, pregnant moms should also pay attention to eating less diuretic foods, especially during dinner. These foods mainly include winter melon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and so on.It should be noted that eating less here is not to eat.

3, try to lie as much as possible during rest

Generally, in the late pregnancy, doctors recommend that the expectant mothers sleep on the left. This is not only because the left side sleeps can reduce the compression of the uterine vein, but also because the side lying position can slow down the uterine compression of the ureter.By reduce the number of frequency of urine.

In fact, in addition to sleeping at night, pregnant mommy should also pay attention to keeping the side position as much as possible when resting.In addition, expectant mothers can usually do some anal reduction exercises to increase muscle strength.

In the end, expectant mothers need to pay special attention to not to hold urine, so as not to cause urinary tract infections and be unfavorable to the body.I am a childcare of studying and learning. A nutritionist, a multi -platform invitation to the creator in the childcare field, have one child and a daughter, know more, pay attention to me.

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