What’s the matter with "menstruation" after pregnancy?4 causes of bleeding during pregnancy, expectant mothers must see

Under normal circumstances, female friends will stop menstruation after they find that they are pregnant. After a few months after the baby is born, the symptoms of menstrual recovery will occur according to different situations.Even some female friends will not have menstruation again after giving birth to a baby. In the past, when there was no pregnancy test stick, people usually use menstruation to determine whether they are pregnant.

The reason why female friends come to menstruation are mainly caused by changes in hormones in the body, which causes endometrium to fall off.However, after pregnancy, the progesterone and estrogen in women’s bodies will not fall off again. At this time, menstruation stops.However, there are individual female friends who have relatively few progesterone secretion in the body, so that the uterus will fall off again, and menstruation will occur, but this situation is not particularly many.Regardless of the situation, women must pay more attention during pregnancy. If bleeding occurs, it is necessary to pay great attention to female bleeding because of various reasons.

1. Sinlaria abortion leads to bleeding during pregnancy

Menstruation has stopped, and when it is checked in the morning, it is positive that it is pregnant. In this case, if the vaginal bleeding occurs, and the amount of bleeding is not very large.At the same time, it will be accompanied by low back pain or pain in the abdomen, so it may be caused by ahead or ectopic pregnancy.

2. Portugal tires cause bleeding during pregnancy

Portuguese tires do not know much for most women during pregnancy. This is a situation of abnormal pregnancy and is very harmful to women.Female friends will have different degrees of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. If they are more serious, many women will accompany the symptoms of palpitations at the same time.One of the most typical symptoms of hydatidium fetus is that bleeding occurs during pregnancy, and the amount of bleeding will gradually increase.

3. Preferring placenta causes bleeding during pregnancy

If the placenta prefix will cause bleeding during pregnancy, because this situation can easily cause women’s cervix mouth to be covered and cause local bleeding.During pregnancy, if sexual behavior or severe exercise occur, vaginal bleeding will occur.

4. Gynecological disease causes bleeding during pregnancy

There are some special pregnant women friends who bring gynecological diseases themselves, such as cervical erosion or cervical polyps. These diseases may cause bleeding during pregnancy. If there are no special symptoms, they will disappear after a few days. If the situationIf you do n’t see better, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Do not worry about bleeding during pregnancy. Be sure to find the cause of bleeding and targeted treatment.There are bleeding during pregnancy, and the number of people who will happen among many pregnant women accounts for about 1/4. When encountering these problems, you must go to the doctor in time.

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