What will it look like if you do n’t eat folic acid when you prepare?

I believe that every woman who is preparing will be familiar with folic acid. Whether it is a person around or a doctor, you will tell you that folic acid should start with pregnancy.But as for why folic acid is supplemented, many people are not very clear.Some people even feel that they don’t eat folic acid, it doesn’t matter if they eat or not.But do you know?It is such an indifferent attitude that will eventually hurt the baby’s life.

1. Do not eat folic acid, fetus can be deforms with nerve organs

If the most direct consequence of folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy is that it can lead to malformations of fetal nerve tube. It is a serious deformity disease. The neural tube is the central nervous system of the fetus.Such birth defects are mainly manifested by brainless, cerebral swelling, cerebral spinal membrane, spinal spine/hidden spinal spine, lip fissure and palate.

2. Do not eat folic acid, pregnant women will sig their eclampsia first

Studies have shown that the lack of folic acid during pregnancy may increase the risk of expectant mothers to suffer from eclaose.Synthetic eclampies are a complication unique to pregnancy. Spaxocal eclampsia is a high -blood pressure disease unique to pregnancy, which will affect 5%to 8%of expectant mothers.

3. Do not eat folic acid, there will be risk of pregnancy hyperlipidemia during childbirth

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that it will be taken from 2-3 months before pregnancy. It has been taken to 3 months of pregnancy or throughout pregnancy. In addition to preventing neural tube malformation, it is also conducive to reducing the risk of hyperlipidemia in pregnancy.

4. Do not eat folic acid, accidents during pregnancy are prone to accidents

After pregnancy, the development of the mother’s blood, breasts, and placenta have also increased the demand for folic acid.Insufficient folic acid is likely to have premature peeling of placenta, hypertension during pregnancy, and slow internal development of the fetus. Such a baby will be affected after birth and development and intellectual development after birth.

Generally speaking, the best time to take folic acid is to prepare three months before pregnancy and early pregnancy.Take folic acid at the right time can effectively reduce the incidence of fetal malformations and promote the healthy development of embryos.The intake of folic acid should last until the whole pregnancy. If you do not supplement folic acid before pregnancy, you do n’t have to worry too much. From discovering pregnancy, you can still threaten the abnormal fetal development of the fetus.Generally, you can stop eating folic acid 3 months after pregnancy.

Small reminder: Folic acid cannot be taken at the same time as vitamin C, because it will affect the absorption of folic acid.Therefore, expectant mothers who use vitamin C habit staggered the time of taking, and the best time to take time is more than half an hour.

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