What to do if cervic inflammatory infertility do not ignore the precautions of treatment

Infertility is a very cruel thing, and the blow to women is very large.Everyone hopes that they can have a healthy body and a happy family, but the disease always appears when we inadvertently. The disease is inevitable. For our health, everyone must develop a oneGood living habits, cervical infertility is a very common phenomenon, so what about infertility caused by cervical inflammation?

Cervical erosion is the most common in cervic inflammation. The texture and secretion of cervical mucus are directly related to whether sperm can enter the uterine cavity through the cervix.Under normal circumstances, under the action of estrogen during ovulation, the water content in the cervical mucus is more moisture, and the texture is thin, which is conducive to sperm through.When cervical erosion, especially moderate and severe cervical erosion, the cervical secretion will increase significantly, the texture is thick, and contains a large amount of white blood cells. This will adversely affect the mobility of the sperm.Conceive.Generally speaking, mild cervical erosion does not lead to infertility; but if it suffers from moderate or severe cervical erosion and infertility, the patient should take active treatment.

Physical therapy ——– is currently a very widely used treatment method, which has the advantages of short treatment and costs.Suitable for patients with large erosion area and inflammation inflammation.Common methods are electric ironing, red light therapy, microwave therapy, freezing, laser, radio frequency and other therapies.

Minimally invasive LEEP therapy ———————————————————————————————————— once, once, second, and third degrees). At once, erosion is generally recommended to treat drugs, but it is found in the clinical medication of the obstetrics and gynecology department of our hospital.Using drug treatment generally only relieves symptoms. Some patients do not review it in time. For a long time, they will cause the disease to worsen.The elasticity of the harem cervix is recovered as early as the beginning, and the cervical mouth scar formed by the treatment will not hinder the expansion of the uterine mouth, so it will not affect the smooth delivery of the fetus.There is one time healing and not affecting re -pregnancy, and the operation time is short (10 minutes), the recovery is fast, the effect is good, it is not easy to recur, and it is widely accepted by women.

What should I pay attention to during the treatment of cervical inflammation?

Whether it is medicine, physical therapy, or surgical treatment of cervical erosion, the vulva should be kept after treatment. Before the wound is completely healed, sexual life, pots, swimming and vagina should be prohibited.If there is a small amount of bleeding, it is normal.If the bleeding increases and the menstrual volume or bleeding time is too long, you should go to the hospital in time to find the cause and stop bleeding as soon as possible.Timely and effectively take contraceptive measures after cervical erosion to reduce the incidence of artificial abortion induction to reduce the opportunity of artificial trauma and bacterial infection.Consider pregnancy after healing.It is forbidden to have a month of sex and a bath.Pay attention to keeping the patient’s vulva clean during postoperative care. He often changes underwear and sanitary napkins. Patients with cervical erosion can get appropriate rest during postoperative care. It is not advisable to do heavy physical work.Eat less spicy food.

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