What to check in infertility?Don’t be embarrassed, these 5 are the best to do it again

Some men in their lives have infertility. If they are still unable to get pregnant for a long time, they should go to the hospital for detailed examination as soon as possible. By checking, they can understand the causes of male infertility, so that improvement measures can be taken for specific causes.

Otherwise, men’s health is damaged and the situation that cannot be given birth will affect the stability and harmony of the family.So, what inspections should male infertility be conducted?

1. Physical examination

Men have a physical examination of infertility. Through physical examination, they can understand the health of the body, including the judgment of systemic examination and reproductive organ examination.Whether men have phimosis or whether the testicles have performed abnormal performance?

2. Analysis of semen quality

Men’s phenomenon of infertility should go to the hospital for examination in time. Generally, semen is required. This is an important indicator of men’s fertility ability.

Through semen testing, it is necessary to understand whether men have declined sperm quality. At the same time, you can understand whether sperm malformations are existing. If it is caused by abnormal changes in semen, it may cause men to be unable to give birth.

3. Urine and prostate solution examination

Men have an infertile phenomenon such as urine and prostate fluid. If the number of white blood cells in urine increases, it shows that prostatitis occurs.

The probability of male infertility will also increase significantly during the process of prostatitis lesions. A large number of sperm can be found through urine tests. This phenomenon can consider retrograde ejaculation.If inflammatory infection occurs during urine or prostate liquid examination, it is necessary to treat as soon as possible to maintain male health to prevent male infertility from obvious.

4. Immunology examination

Men have infertility and should perform physical examination as soon as possible. For example, immunology examination is a very critical point. Through this inspection, it can determine whether there is anti -sperm antibody.

Generally, the sperm condensation test will be combined. The sperm brake test determines whether there is anti -sperm antibody. If this happens, the probability of male infertility will also increase significantly.

5. Sperm penetration test

Men who appear infertility should conduct detailed physical examinations. By checking, they can understand the health of the body. Generally, they also need sperm penetration test examination. In this way, they can understand whether male sperm penetration has declined.

Infertility in some men, semen is normal, but sperm penetration has decreased. Without normal penetration ability, men’s fertility function will also be affected.Therefore, it is necessary to involve this test to understand the health of the body.”””

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