What should pregnant women eat nosebleeds?

In daily life, as long as we can absorb sufficient nutrition in diet, eat more beneficial vegetables and fruits, and eat less harmful spams to the human body, in fact, it can effectively prevent multiple physical discomfort problems. Pregnant womenNosebleeds are the same, so what should pregnant women eat once nosebleeds?What should I not eat?What are the precautions?Today, Momnet Encyclopedia will tell you.

It is usually better to use diet to prevent the nosebleeds of pregnant women. It can eat more foods containing vitamin C and E, such as green vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., Dairy products and other foods, Momnet encyclopedia will tell you several diet menus.

1. Catfish gypsum pot tofu

1 treaty of 1 torch, 200 grams of tofu, 30 grams of gypsum; after washing the fish, put it in the pot with the tofu and gypsum, add the right amount of water for 1 hour, season with salt and eat it;Do not eat residue to prevent the fish bones from choking.It has the effects of clearing lung heat, lowering stomach fire, and nasal hemorrhage.

2. Drinking two raw land

Fresh land, 30 grams each of fresh white cure root, 50 grams of fresh reed roots, decoction, 1 dose daily, tea on behalf of tea, 7-10 days, can clear heat and cool blood, stop bleeding.

3. Fresh sauce juice drink

Wash 300 grams of freshness, grinding about 50-100 ml of juice; 50 ml of each time, mix with a small amount of sugar, stew and roller, you can clear heat and relieve heat, cool blood to stop bleeding.

4, daylily lean soup

30 grams of yellow cauliflower (dried products, soaked and washed), 100 grams of lean pork, 2 jujube, add the same amount of water for 1 hour, add water for 1 hour, season with salt.It has the effects of clearing heat and flat liver, moisturizing, and nosebleeds.

5. Ejiao stewed lean meat

6 grams of Ejiao, 30 grams of lean meat (sliced), put the bowl in the bowl, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, stain the water for 1 hour, add a little salt to season and eat, have nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and nasal blood.

Traditional Chinese medicine can cure the root cause. In addition to adopting emergency hemostatic measures when pregnant women flow nosebleeds, they can also control and treat Chinese medicine by drinking traditional Chinese medicine. The following Momnet encyclopedia can tell you what Chinese medicine is good for everyone to eat.

If pregnant women repeatedly develop nosebleeds, Chinese medicine believes that lung fever is multiplied with fetal fire, disturbing nasal tips, burning blood, and blood heat.Because "nose is the tips of the lungs", the method of clearing the lungs and reducing hemostasis can be used to treat nasal hemorrhage.

You can use 12 grams of Nansha ginseng, 9 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, 9 grams of mulberry white peel, 9 grams of Ophiopogon, 9 grams of fried land, 9 grams of nepeta charcoal, 9 grams of queen grass charcoal, 9 grams of pornographic carbon, 6 grams of Maohua, one dayDuring the decoction twice, generally take 7 days to make nose bleeding no longer appear.

In addition, Chinese medicine can also be used with diet to treat pregnant women nosebleeds:

Such as: 30 grams of carbon carbon, 100 grams of mung bean, frequent water decoction

Or with 30 grams of grass roots, 2 trotters, and 5 red dates, 1 dose daily, decoction, eat meat and drink soup twice.

The above two types of dietary therapy are good, so try it.

Although non -disease nosebleeds will not affect the fetus, pregnant mothers should pay attention, especially in dietary health care. If there is a nosebleed, the following key points of dietary health care should be achieved.

1. Supplement vitamin C.Collagen is necessary for maintaining the health of the body tissue, and vitamin C is a substance necessary for forming collagen. The collagen in the upper respiratory tissue helps the mucus attach to the appropriate place, so that your sinus and nasal cavity will produce a moist protectionmembrane.

2. Supplement vitamin K.Vitamin K is necessary for normal coagulation.Its sources include 苜蓿, kelp, and all dark green leafy dishes.

3. Supplement iron.If you are prone to nosebleeds, consider supplementing iron to help make blood in the body.Iron is an important component of hemelin in red blood cells.

4. Eat more vegetables, red beans, lean meat, milk, eggs, etc. during pregnancy. This can enhance blood vessel elasticity. Generally, nosebleeds will not cause anemia. If the pregnant mother’s bleeding is severe, it should be under the guidance of a doctor.The use of progesterone drugs to reduce the stimulation of estrogen on the nasal mucosa and eliminate the incentives.

1. It should not be high -fat, high -protein, high sugar, and high calcium diet.

2. It is not suitable for a acidic diet, and it should not be used to take warm supplements.

3. It is not advisable to eat mildew foods, should not be a long -term vegetarian, and should not drink irritating drinks.

4. It should not be excessively digged into the nasal cavity.

5. Pay attention to rest. Mild nosebleeds are mainly resting in quiet rest.

Warm reminder: If it is systemic cause, such as blood disease, liver and kidney dysfunction, malnutrition, vitamin or calcium deficiency, nasal hemorrhage will affect the fetus.You should go to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Pregnant mothers should pay great attention to their diet, because some things cannot be eaten during pregnancy. Although the phenomenon of non -disease nosebleeds is not serious, it is not good if the nosebleeds often flow.What can cause nosebleeds.

Brown sugar, red dates, etc.

2. Foods with spicy and warm food may also lead to nosebleeds: such as pepper, leek, fennel, cinnamon, dried ginger, ginger, pepper, pepper, cumin, fennel, garlic, white cavity, etc.

So for mothers, for the health of themselves and their baby, they must learn to avoid it.

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