What should pregnant women do when pregnancy hitting hypertension?Can you take medicine?

Pregnancy itself is a thing that needs to be particularly cautious, and many need to pay attention.Especially when taking medicine, you need to be more cautious, because many drugs will affect the development of the fetus, and severe will even cause abortion and teratogenic.

So what should pregnant women do when pregnancy hitting hypertension?Can you still take medicine?

Pregnancy hypertension, can

Hypertension during pregnancy, clinically called "pregnancy hypertension", is also a common type of hypertension, with about 5%to 10%of pregnancy mothers suffer from pregnancy hypertension.

For pregnancy hypertension, if no matter, it will be a great threat to the mother’s fetus.In the total number of pregnancy -related deaths, pregnant women due to pregnancy hypertension account for 10%to 16%.

Hypertension mainly affects the blood supply of the fetus, which limits the growth of the fetus, or causes early peeling of the placenta; for pregnant women, it may cause diffuse intravascular coagulation or acute heart failure in the body.

Therefore, it is not pregnant. Hypertension can be left without any. Proper control of blood pressure can reduce the mortality of the mother and the fetus.

What do you need to use medicine under the circumstances of pregnancy hypertension?

For hypertension during pregnancy, it is relatively loose and will not strictly control blood pressure. As long as the blood pressure is lower than 150/100mmHg.

The purpose is to reduce the harm of hypertension to mothers and children, while trying not to use drugs or reduce the use of drugs.

Generally, blood pressure is lower than 150/100mmHg, that is, when mild hypertension, you can only use living intervention to control blood pressure under this range.

In addition, when blood pressure is higher than 150/100mmHg, if there is no complications such as proteinuria or other organ damage, you can not take medicine for the time being and control the pressure; howeverWhen other organ damage is damaged, drug treatment is needed.

And when the blood pressure is as high as 160/110mmHg or above, even if there is no proteinuria or substantial organ damage, the drug should be taken immediately.

What antihypertensive drugs can I take for pregnancy hypertension?

For pregnancy hypertension, it is necessary to be particularly cautious. The pregnancy cycle is different, and the scope of medication will be different.Under the guidance of doctors, do not take medicine without permission.

Most of the five major types of antihypertensive drugs on the market, such as ground, Salin, Prubi, Lorr, diuretics and other drugs, most of them belong to Class C drugs.

According to the US FDA’s classification of drugs, Class C drugs belong to although there is no evidence that it can indicate that it is harmful to human embryos, but it has been proven to be harmful in animal experiments.

Therefore, such drugs can only be weighed when the medication is greater than the disadvantages.Among them, the Satan and Prubi categories are clearly disabled for pregnancy hypertension and have teratogenic effects on the fetus. In addition, renin inhibitors (Archronon) antihypertensive drugs are also prohibited for pregnant women.

For pregnancy hypertension, minimize medication and dosage in early pregnancy, because at this time the fetal organs have not been formed, and the effect of the drug has great uncertainty.

In the middle and late pregnancy, after about 20 weeks, the impact of medication on the fetus was small.

According to the recommendation of the "China Hypertension Guide to Prevention and Control of Hypertension", there are mainly 5 types of antihypertensive drugs for pregnancy and hypertension, including: methagopaba, Labelol, hydrochlorozine, nifedzine, and ethiczinone.

Except for methylboba and hydrochloride belonging to Class B drugs (no evidence can indicate that it is harmful to pregnant women’s fetus), the others are Class C drugs.

That is, these drugs are relatively safe for pregnant women, not absolutely safe.It is the best way to use medicine, but once the dangers of hypertension are greater than the dangers of medication, weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the medication must still be used.

For hypertension during pregnancy, you need to be cautious, but not all antihypertensive drugs can be taken. In the case of weighing the advantages and disadvantages, you can still take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

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