What should pregnant mothers pay attention to three months before pregnancy?

Due to the unstable relationship of the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy, there is a very prone to abortion. At this time, you must be particularly careful. Pregnant women need to pay attention to what they should do to ensure that they can ensure that they are pregnant after pregnancy.Being able to spend pregnancy stable and give birth to a healthy baby.I will introduce you to the precautions of the first three months of pregnancy.

1. Precautions for the first three months of pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy is in the stage of the embryo just formed. At this time, the fetus is relatively small. If it cannot be taken good care, there will be a spontaneous abortion.For this reason, we must pay special attention before pregnancy, and you need to pay attention to what you should pay attention to in order to avoid abortion.The following editors will introduce you to the precautions of the first three months of pregnancy.

1. Keep a good mood.Many women have emotional fluctuations in early pregnancy. They are not psychologically prepared as a mother. Too large emotional undulating has a not good impact on the fetus. It is necessary to maintain a comfortable and cheerful mood.

2. Try not to eat harmful foods, such as smoked food, fried foods, etc., do not eat as much as possible, and foods with more caffeine also have a direct impact on children’s growth and abortion.

3. Avoid drinking.If the mother drinks too much alcohol in the early pregnancy, it will cause fetal malformations and will also have a certain impact on the fetal intelligence.

4, high sugar and high -fat foods should be eaten less.These foods can directly cause pregnant women to gain weight, and will bring harm such as pregnancy -in hypertension, gestational diabetes, and increase the difficulty of childbirth.

5. Avoid sexual life and live sexual life in the first three months of pregnancy, which will cause abortion.

6. Don’t be too tired. When you know that if you are pregnant, you must remember not to be too hard. If you want to work hard, do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Bend over, squats, etc., you can also remember to slow down the action.

In addition, dangerous movements cannot be done in the first three months of pregnancy, such as running, jumping, bending, or doing fierce exercise. This is a dangerous movement for women in early pregnancy. If these actions do these actions, the abortion phenomenon will occur.

It is recommended to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Folic acid can be taken in the first three months, and you need to do the NT test of the fetus in about twelve weeks.

In addition, some infectious diseases, routine hematuria, and color Doppler ultrasound examination should be used to draw blood test ketone and human chorionic gonadotropin. If necessary, it should be given to the treatment of tires.Go to the hospital for examination.

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