What should I pay attention to in the diet of pregnant sows?Breeding sows should be more concerned!

Recently, some friends came to consult and asked sow to pay attention to the diet after pregnancy, such as what ca n’t eat, what changes in the amount of feeding, etc. I believe that many friends who raising pigs have a lot of questions about these issues.After all, the sows who are pregnant are not the same as the pig who raises fat, so this article will give you a summary to keep the precautions for raising pregnant sows.

The change of a feed

Pregnant sows should provide nutrients for fetuses to make fetal development, so there are more nutrients needed by pregnant sows than before. We need to provide pregnant sows with feeds including nutrients such as grains, beans, protein, minerals, and vitamins.We can choose high -protein, high -energy feeds, such as corn, soybean cakes, fish powder, bone meal, etc.

We also add directly to the mixing materials: the mother animals are too guaranteed+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee to do a good job of health care for the sows and provide sufficient and comprehensive nutrients for sows.

Second, the change of the amount of feeding

The amount of pregnancy sow is definitely increased compared to before, but we do not feed so much at one time. If excessive feeding will cause sows to indigestion, accumulate, and obesity.not good.

If we can’t master the sow’s feeding, we can divide the sow’s food volume into 6 or 7 meals. Don’t feed so much per meal, eat less meals, so that the sows can avoid eating too much at one time and prevent sows from preventing sows fromEating too much will not affect the reduction of sows’ feeding, and we can also adjust the changes in the amount of feeding at any time according to the actual situation of the sows.

Three foods that can’t be eaten

Mold and deteriorating feed must not let sows touch. Moom feeds have mold toxins, which will have a great harm to the fetus, resulting in dysplasia, abortion, malformations, etc.;

Cold foods can not let sows eat. Too cold food can stimulate the intestines of the sows, causing sows to vomit and diarrhea;

When the sow is pregnant, it is best not to eat too spicy food. If the food is too spicy, it will stimulate the sow gastric fluid secretion, causing the sow’s stomach to discomfort;

It is best not to eat foods with high fat content during pregnancy during pregnancy, otherwise the sow is prone to gain weight. We have said that the sow is not good for ourselves and the fetus;

Pregnant sows cannot eat fish eggs, large amounts of egg yolk, fermented food, fresh mushrooms, fresh corn and other foods for a long time.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that the pregnant sow is relatively sensitive to chemicals, so when we use the use of pesticides, disinfectants, and glyphosate to eliminate disinfecting supplies for the circle, pay attention not to let these items follow Sow contacts to avoid adverse effects on sows and fetuses.

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