What should I do when the minister suddenly diarrhea was diarrhea?

Since ancient times

The emperor is the highest rulers

The emperor is not so good

This career risk is extremely high

There are not a few who have died early in English

Some people may want to be a relative

Enjoy a blessing

But considering the popular dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty

Treatment of emperor relatives

Actually not very good

So being a minister may be a better choice

I thought I was a minister

You can be lazy at home …


I was awakened by the servants

Look at their eager expressions

I can’t help but feel doubt-

There are many types of "Shang Dynasty" in the Qing Dynasty

For example, the "big dynasty" celebrating the national celebration

There are also "Chang Chao" twice a month

But these are all related to the ceremony and etiquette

To talk about government affairs

That may be "Yumen listening to politics"


It is really a physical work …

The emperor who is more diligent

Generally, early in the morning starts at 5-7 in the morning

The ministers often set off in the early morning

Places where early early dynasties

It’s Qianqingmen

But the location also changes with the emperor’s preference

Later, it was changed to the Qinzheng Palace of Yuanmingyuan

I follow a group of people

Come to the place where the Shang Dynasty …

Never imagined

I encountered another big problem-

I want to go to the toilet when I go to the dynasty

Is a very classic question

If it is not handled well, it will be very fatal

First of all, everyone is discussing national affairs

The emperor also watched it too

Shout at this time

"I want to go to the toilet!"

That’s very inappropriate

To avoid this situation

Officials the night before the upper dynasty

Dinner will eat less or not even eat

Put all the toilets that should be put on

Don’t eat breakfast, go directly to the empty stomach on the empty stomach

Some will even prepare a toilet on the sedan seed

It was solved on the way to the palace

Some people are more fierce-

Pull directly in the pants

Lian officials themselves

I compiled a paragraph from ridicule

"Late Qing Guards Remembrance" record

Officials have a smooth one

When you come to the dynasty, incense wind all the way,

When I got the hall, I smelly.

——This is a very risky approach

In the Ming Dynasty

Some people really can’t help peeing out

As a result, it was seen by Ming Yingzong

The emperor was furious after seeing it

Go to the official department

Five -level treatment for this person

"Mingshi Record": Zeng Yan was the main book of Lianjiang County, Fujian.

In the early dynasty, Dan Dan was drowned.

So encountering this situation

Generally, only one word can be implemented-

According to the last emperor Pu Yi, the memories of the emperor

The toilets in the Forbidden City are poorly poor

Ministers generally do not go to the toilet in the palace

But the Shang Dynasty is always routine

No need to go every day anyway

Canbe to endure



——I thought so so so

When the emperor eats breakfast every day

Will look at the ministers’ brand -name confirmation to meet the candidates

Then the ministers will be called in batches

This is the so -called "Yan Dynasty"

But generally don’t call that, commonly known as "call up"

This is the most frequent "Shang Dynasty" method

Basically do it every day

The summoned ministers are waiting outside

When it’s your turn, go in

Kneel down and report to the emperor to report various affairs

"The Code of the Qing Dynasty": At any time, the Royal Yan Dynasty is listening to the government, and the call of the court is often the same


The emperor even rewarded cultural relics to the ministers

It is said that Kangxi was listening to politics

Sometimes I am happy

And I feel that the ministers are also very hard

So from time to time, you will reward calligraphy, painting, fruits and the like to the ministers under the bottom

Who can think of

In the last class still need cultural relics appreciation?

Continue like this

I will lose a chance


I must save face


Never imagined

It is so difficult to be a minister

Not only will you get up early and greedy black

And you can’t go to the toilet

You even need to know about calligraphy, calligraphy, and cultural relics knowledge

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