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Many prospective mummy will ask Doraemon’s weight during private messages.In fact, how much the quasi -mummy should increase during pregnancy, there are certain standards.However, many pregnant mothers gain too much weight during pregnancy, so that for a period of time after delivery, they have not returned to pregnancy before pregnancy.Postpartum weight loss is much more difficult than ordinary people.So how to control the weight during pregnancy is a thing that is worthy of the pregnant mothers ~

Doraemon found that there are many research on weight during pregnancy.Some countries in Europe and the United States have pointed out that the average weight gain should increase by 10-12 kg during pregnancy.This weight includes the weight of the fetus, amniotic fluid, placenta, increasing sub -officials and breasts, increased blood volume and fat stores that are stored by expectant mothers, and only about 30%of them are from the fetus.

When pregnancy encounters weight loss

The weight increased by many expectant mothers during pregnancy may not necessarily be higher or lower than this weight within the scope of standards.If the pregnant mother is obese, it does not have to increase so much weight.The thin pregnant mother may need to gain weight.

During the entire pregnancy, the first three months of weight did not increase greatly, just 1 to 2 kg.Most of the increased weight is in the middle and late pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers have a rapid weight gain, and there will be desire to lose weight.However, in general, it is not suitable for diet to lose weight during pregnancy because it may affect the growth of the fetus.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must strive for sufficient nutrition, and they must eat balanced, but the amount is slightly different.

During pregnancy, because a large amount of calcium is required, it is best to drink 3 cups of milk a day. If the weight increases and fast, you can use skimmed milk to reduce the calories.Bone soup should not drink more, because the high fat is high, drinking more will increase weight.

Meats are indispensable, especially red meat, because the iron contained is rich, and 240 grams (6) meat should be eaten every day to supply eggs from quality, iron and vitamins.Although meat is indispensable, it does not mean that big fish and meat are needed during pregnancy.Because the amount of protein that is needed is not much, and because of drinking more milk during pregnancy, and milk is the source of the egg from the quality, the meat only needs to be increased as appropriate.Instead, the liver should be eaten more. It is best to eat the liver twice every week. Don’t just drink soup. You must eat meat together.

It is best to eat 320 grams (half a catty) vegetables and fruits a day. Choose more green leaves and orange -yellow vegetables. It is the ideal. There are 2 or more fruits.During pregnancy, expectant mothers are prone to suffering from constipation. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more liquid. The problem of constipation will be much better ~

As for the grain, each meal is indispensable, but the amount of portion may affect the weight gain. If the weight increases too much, avoid eating high -fat food and high -fat grains, but you do not need to work hard to lose weight.It is safer after giving birth to the fetus ~ because if the calories you eat during pregnancy are large and low, it may affect the fetal development.

High -salt food has a connection with high blood pressure.Although reducing foods with high salt do not allow pregnant mothers with hypertension to reply to normal blood pressure, they can help reduce edema.

Foods containing a large amount of sugar, such as candy, honey, soda, concentrated glucose drinks, etc., the calories are very high. If the weight increases, it should be avoided as much as possible.Many people think that drinking more sugar water in the later stages of pregnancy will be smooth.This statement has no basis.The nutritional value of sugar water is not high, drinking more is easy to gain weight …

Specific mommy’s daily appropriate diet recommendation recommendation

1. Milk: 3 cups of milk or 45 grams of cheese+2 cups of milk.

2. Meat: 240 grams of lean meat (62) Eat the liver twice every week.

3. Vegetables and vegetables: 320 grams of Vegetables (half a catty), including a dark or orange -yellow.1-2 fruits, one of which is rich in vitamin C, such as orange, mandarin, grapefruit, pineapple, papaya, mango, salad pomelo, orange.

4. Gangu class: 1-2 bowls per meal, you can also eat at a small point ~

5. Oil: 2-3 tablespoons

6, flow: 8 cups, such as milk, fruit juice, boiling water, clear tea, soup, etc.

Precautions for expectant moms to choose food

1. Oil, such as peanut oil, butter, vegetable oil, etc., too much can cause indigestion and excessive body.

2. Desserts such as candy, pudding, soda, honey, chocolate, sugar water, etc. The main supply of thermal energy can easily cause overweight and tooth decay, and it will also affect appetite and should be avoided as much as possible.

3. The nutrients contained in frozen meat are not much different from fresh meat, but the price is much cheaper.Frozen meat should be thawed slowly, not immersed in water to keep it nutrition.

4. Pickled foods should be eaten less, such as salted eggs, salted fish, bean curd, and waxy flavor.

5. Strong flavors, such as mustard and peppers, should be eaten less.

6. Balanced diet can provide sufficient nutrition without other special supplements.

[Doraeman Mother] One -day recipe

Breakfast: shredded pork, vegetable soup powder or noodles+1 cup of milk or 1 part of the sandwich (egg or ham or cheese)

Morning tea: milk tea ten biscuits or fresh fruit juice, 1 cup of milk+biscuits.

Lunch: Meat 80-120 grams (2-3 two) Rice or powder, noodles, and 160 grams of vegetables (4 two) fruits 1

Afternoon tea: 1 cup of milk (can be added with wheat essence) bread or biscuits (depends on appetite and weight)

Dinner: like lunch

Before bed: 1 cup of milk

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