What should I do when I hit an ovarian cyst during pregnancy?What to do is the right good way?

What should we do when we encounter ovarian cysts during pregnancy?

Weiwei is a happy newlywed mother. She has a happy marriage. Her biggest hope is to have a healthy baby.It didn’t take long for her baby to come quietly. Both she and her family were happy. They didn’t think of a sudden abdominal pain, and almost hit her into the abyss.

"Pregnancy with ovarian cysts? How can I still need an emergency operation? What about the baby?" Wei Wei cried in the bed. Although her husband was comforting, his eyes revealed confusion and worry.

What exactly is pregnancy with ovarian cysts?What harm will TA bring so that surgery is necessary during pregnancy?How to avoid or treat TA?

According to the nature of the tumor, ovarian tumors are roughly divided into three categories: cystic, cystic, and solid.

The most common ovarian tumors during pregnancy are cystic, with more physiological, and the probability of cancerousness in pure cystic mass is very low, but the possibility of vicious diseases must be eliminated.

Most of the ovarian cysts that appear in early pregnancy are mostly caused by pregnancy. It is luteal after ovulation, and gradually evolved into cysts. Especially now with the advancement of auxiliary reproductive technology, there are many female friends who promote ovulation or auxiliary reproductive conception.The application of ovulation drugs is closely related to the occurrence of physiological cysts.This luteum cysts disappear within 14 weeks of pregnancy.

When regular inspection of ultrasound during pregnancy, the report often appears described by ovarian cysts. Most of them are ovarian cysts (non -real, non -cystic) within 5cm, and most of them are unilateral.

Most ovarian cysts have no obvious symptoms, and most of them are ultrasound during conventional production inspection; a few huge cysts can be found to be discovered by the hospital for "discovering abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal expansion and not consistent with the gestational week";

If the ovarian mass is less than 5cm, the pure cystic, the level of the tumor logo is normal, and it can be observed closely until the full month without special treatment.

But if the cyst diameter is greater than 5cm and gradually increases, it must be paid attention to!

For cysts with large diameter, surgical treatment is recommended after the middle of pregnancy.It is also to prevent cysts from occurring; for the real or solid mass of cysts, surgical detection should also be surgical after the middle of pregnancy, which is not only to clarify its nature, but also to prevent cysts from turning and rupture during pregnancy.

Like Wei Wei’s situation, ovarian cysts were reversed.When the pipe is twisted or the cyst rupture occurs, sudden abdominal symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and severe severe abdominal symptoms will occur.

After waiting and waiting, Weiwei’s surgery was finally over.

Fortunately, it was treated in time. The twisted ovarian nest was not completely necrotic. After removing the cyst, it was retained smoothly. As for the baby in the uterus, there is no signs of abortion such as uterine contraction and vaginal bleeding.The pregnancy time after Wei spent.

So what is the formal treatment course?We invited Dr. Li Hui, the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Fourth Hospital of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province to explain it in detail for us ~

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The attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Fourth Hospital of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province | Li Hui

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