What should I do if there is a toothache in pregnant women?

The symptoms of toothache during pregnancy during pregnancy can not take painkillers for painkillers, but toothache is not tolerated by ordinary people.So what should I do?Let’s explain to your expectant mothers.

What should I do if pregnant women have toothache?

1. Apply the "V" floor belt of the ice cubes, take a piece of "V" with the "V" band connected to the forefinger bone, and gently press the ice cubes in this part for 5-7 minutes, which can relieve 50%of the pain.

2. Choose the treatment time carefully. Do not choose the treatment of oral diseases in the first three months and seventh months of pregnancy. During this period, pregnant women are susceptible to abortion and premature birth.

3. Bite the ginger, take a fresh ginger, bite it in the pain, it can be reused when necessary, it is okay to contain it in your mouth when you sleep.

4. Supplement nutrients, mothers during pregnancy need nutrients more than usual, especially the supplement to trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, fluorine, etc. directly related to the health of the mother and fetus.Pregnant mothers must not pick eaters, eat non -partial eclipses, and eat a comprehensive balanced diet, and make reasonable supplements.Vegetables, fruits, protein and other foods.

5. Keep your mouth clean and brush his teeth in the morning and evening. Pregnant women need to choose toothbrushes with small brushes, soft brushes, and hair grinding, and replace them regularly every month to reduce the damage of gums in brushing.Rinse your mouth in time after meals.

6. Regularly go to the dental examination to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

What are the causes of toothache during pregnancy?

1. Pregnancy tumor in the gingival part

Pregnancy tumors usually like to grow on the nipples of the gums. The tumor is hyperplasia of tumor -like, which is very prone to bleeding. This is "gingival pregnancy tumor".Gingival pregnancy tumors are usually prone to occur after three or four months of pregnancy.However, there is no need to be nervous. The gingival pregnancy tumor has no harm to pregnant women, and there is generally no pain in general.After the production of pregnant women can be reduced or stopped after the production of pregnant women, surgical resection can also be performed after childbirth, but most of them can heal themselves.

2. Portitis or Periodontitis

Two inflammation of pulpitis and root inflammation are usually caused by dental caries.The emergency treatment at this time was drilling, and analgesic was immediate.There can also be a local medicine method, which will not affect the fetus.

3. Eating habit

During pregnancy, the amount of eating and eating of pregnant women often increase, and they are particularly preferred by acidic and sweet food. Excessive food intake of excessive taste often hurts teeth.During pregnancy, due to the increase in abdominal increases, it is difficult to move and often feel burnout. This situation can easily cause their own oral problems and increase the chance of onset.

4. Eternistic effects

During the pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone in the body increased, and the hormone affects the endocrine system, which has changed a lot. Under the influence of endocrine, the fine blood vessels of the gums began to expand, even bending, and gradually weakening the elasticity, resulting in the internal blood stasis of the capillaries.Blinds and blood vessel walls become thin, so it is very easy to bleed, swelling, bad breath, and cause gingivitis during pregnancy.

Evergrande mouth reminder: Pregnant women can not take medicine casually.If you are not careful, you will affect your baby’s health, so you must take it with caution and do a good oral examination before pregnancy.

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