What should I do if the follicles are not big?To achieve these two steps, the egg can have pregnancy

The size of follicles directly affects whether women can successfully conceive.Clinically, many women can’t be pregnant, because follicles are not developed or they are immature.So how can the follicles thrive?Become the focus of everyone’s concern.

How big can the follicles grow to get pregnant?

Under normal circumstances, follicles with diameter between 18 and 24mm are just right, which is more conducive to conception.

When follicles are <17mm, the egg cells in such follicles have not been fully developed, and they basically do not have an insemination. Therefore, even if such small follicles can be successfully discharged, the surrogacy rate is extremely low.

Why don’t follicles grow big?

The follicles come from the ovarian. Its growth, development and excretion require the synergistic effect of the ovarian and endocrine hormones to complete.

If the ovarian disease occurs, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian premature failure, and insufficient ovarian reserve function, etc., it affects the function of the ovarian, and the follicles are not long; or endocrine disorders, and the follicles cannot develop normally.

How to save small follicles?

There are many reasons for the length of the follicles. Therefore, we must first do a comprehensive examination, clarify the specific cause, and then treat them with symptomatic treatment, so that the follicles can restore normal growth and development.

first step:

Treatment of primary disease

The follicle is not large, and the impact of disease on the growth and development of follicles must be eliminated from the root cause.After finding the cause, you need to choose a drug or surgical treatment plan according to the patient’s disease.

Step 2:

Ovulation treatment

After treating primary diseases, ovarian function and follicle development take a period of time to return to normal. Therefore, when necessary, ovulation is required to promote follicle growth and development, to form an advantageous follicles and smoothly discharge the eggs to improve the speed of pregnancy.

Women with a small follicle, during the treatment process, can regularly monitor ovulation through B -ultrasound. When there is an advantageous follicles discharged, they can take the time to try their pregnancy in the same room, so that the chance of pregnancy will be greatly improved.

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