What should I do if progesterone is low during pregnancy?Expert: 5 Step Teach you to easily improve progesterone and have good collections with good pregnancy

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Ms. Jiang’s husband and wife have been married for a year and a half. Seeing that they are almost 30 years old, and the parents of both sides are anxious, the couple decided to start preparing for pregnancy.At the fourth month of pregnancy, Ms. Jiang was postponed for a few days, so she took a test stick at home. As a result, she was two bars with positive and deep. Ms. Jiang happily enjoyed this happy joy with her husband.

After a few days, Ms. Jiang and her husband came to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital near her husband to check. As a result, the hospital examination results except for the low progesterone, other indicators were normal, but the progesterone was low but the husband and wife were broken.Many pregnant mothers know that too low progesterone can easily lead to abortion and fetal stop, but low progesterone is not rare in early pregnancy, so we must pay attention to it and not worry too much.So what are the performance of low progesterone?What are the causes of low progesterone?How can we prevent and treat?In fact, low progesterone can be viewed from the following aspects.

When pregnancy is low, abdominal pain, backache, vaginal bleeding, threatened abortion, or the development of embryo stopping development.When we find that progesterone is low, we must obey the doctor’s guidance for tires, and regularly do B -ultrasound and human chorionic gonad hormone examination.

However, experts also recommend that pregnant women relax and pay more attention to rest. It is best to rest in bed. Do not be too nervous. Avoid spicy foods and irritating tobacco and alcohol to avoid sexual life. Regular pregnancy examinations.

01. progesterone is mainly hormone progesterone in the body. It supports the growth of a fetus. If the progesterone is too low during early pregnancy, there will be a threatened abortion, but not all expectant mothers with low progesterone will have a threatened abortionEssenceIf some expectant mothers have previous habitual abortion or are not easy to get pregnant or bad pregnancy history, expectant mothers in this case must regularly detect the condition of progesterone.

02. Specific mothers with normal hormones in the body, then if her progesterone is low, if there is no symptoms of vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, then the problem is not big. The expectant mothers can not worry too much.That’s it. Generally, progesterone will return to normal, and the baby will grow up healthily.However, if progesterone is low and vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain is too serious, then go to the hospital for an emergency examination to prevent unfortunate incidents such as abortion.

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers, you must know that low progesterone in the early pregnancy is caused by insufficient hormone levels in your body, and there is a possibility of diet that can also lead to low progesterone, but this situation is relatively small.EssenceIf you are pregnant, you can eat a variety of vitamins, and try to try a variety of vitamins, and the most important thing is to pay attention to rest and relax.

In fact, in our lives, there are many things that can help our female friends avoid the occurrence of low progesterone, that is, proper food supplement, eating some fresh fruits, such as grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, and more vitamin C.And vitamin E or multiple vitamins, which can make the progesterone in the body reach normal.

In addition, our women must ensure that their moods are comfortable and poor in mood during pregnancy, and they are prone to various problems, and after the baby is born, the temperament will also be affected by this.So maintaining a good mood is also very important.

In the first three months of pregnancy, the test was found that the progesterone was low. Generally, doctors needed to be a maternal muscle injection of lutenone or orally to take some progesterone. You can also take some soy products and nuts. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be taken to improve the level of progesterone.In terms of personal experience, the effect is still obvious.

When I was pregnant, I was low. I had low progesterone, and I had eaten progesterone for more than two months until 12 weeks before stopping.Drink soy milk every day to eat soybean products and vomit, and then check it almost every week. The results of the previous few times are not good, even lower and lower, and even lower than the lowest value.As a result, the effect has been seen since the middle of the second month, and the third month is basically normal.

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