What should I do if pregnant women have flatulence?7 exhaust Xiaomiao tricks teach you to relieve you

Bloating is a common gastrointestinal reaction, which is closely related to many factors, most of which are related to improper diet and poor digestion.Especially during pregnancy, due to the increase in the uterus and improper diet, it is likely to cause flatulence in pregnant women.There are many ways to discharge flatulence, but there are not so many suitable for pregnant women.Then we will share with you 7 small exhaust tips for the flatulence of pregnant women, which can effectively help pregnant women alleviate the symptoms of abdominal distension.

Pregnant women’s flatulence and exhaust tips

1. Eat less meals

The first step of avoiding flatulence should start with diet.Relevant experts believe that the stomach is swelling during flatulence. If a large amount of eating can cause the stomach to operate, the swelling is more serious.So pregnant women can eat 6 ~ 8 meals a day, don’t eat too much meals.Don’t just eat liquid food, because liquid food is not easy to digest for the stomach, so it is best to choose semi -solid food, such as cheese.In addition, some sugar can be obtained appropriately. Apple and pear are a good source.Protein can be obtained from meat, such as beef and fish.

2. Don’t drink tea

It is best not to drink tea when pregnant women, especially strong tea.Because tannic acid in tea will hinder the absorption of cancer iron, the caffeine it contains will also stimulate the stomach and intensify flatulence.So whether it is tea or coffee, it is best to drink it after meals. Use fermented cooked tea instead of raw tea. The concentration should not be too high.

3. Drink plenty of water

If the large intestine accumulates too much feces and is constantly accumulating, the flatulence will be more serious, so be sure to add enough water to promote bowel movements.It is recommended that pregnant women drink more warm water. Cold water can cause intestinal colic and uterine contraction.In addition, it is necessary to avoid drinking bubble water and irritating drinks.

4. Eat less sweets

For how to deal with flatulence of pregnant women, you need to pay attention to avoid sweets as much as possible.There are also some fine foods, most of which are acidic foods, which can easily cause excessive gastric acid secretion.Fine grain lacks fiber and is easy to increase constipation.

5. Eat more cellulose

You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits during pregnancy.During pregnancy, the baby needs a lot of protein, starch, etc., so pregnant women will consume foods such as pasta and beans.Therefore, sugar and starch also need to take appropriate intake. Apple and pears are good sources of nutrition. Starch and protein can be obtained from the meat. Beef and fish are good choices.

6. Proper massage

When the intestinal peristalsis is not good, it can help intestinal motility by massage.It is necessary to remind pregnant mothers that the uterus is generally located in the middle of the abdomen. Some expectant mothers massage the uterus because they do not know the location of the stomach, which causes the uterine contraction.Therefore, when pregnant women have bleeding or uterine contraction, massage should be stopped immediately.

Pregnant women can massage 1 hour after meals.After lying down, it is 45 degrees and a half push -up position. The massage does not need to be too hard, 4-6 times a day.Start from the upper right abdomen, move clockwise to the left upper abdomen, and then massage to the left lower abdomen.Remember not to massage the middle of the uterus.

7. Walk more

Touring is also a good way to promote intestinal peristalsis.As long as the health index is normal, there is no risk of premature birth, and walk for 20-30 minutes after meals.If there are no places suitable for walking near the residence, you can also move back and forth at home, which can also achieve the effect.Experts believe that pregnant women are suitable for easy exercise, just walk slowly when walking, and can also help defecation exhaust.

If there are flatulence during pregnancy and the symptoms are not very serious, you can consider improvement through diet, massage, exercise, etc.If it is too uncomfortable and affects the quality of life, you can also consider to relieve it under the guidance of a doctor.

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