What should I do if pregnant women do constipation?No need to take medicine, 4 tricks to help you solve trouble

Many expectant mothers have such experience. They usually eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and they will take a walk after dinner. Why are they constipated?I dare not use medicine, I am afraid that it is not good for the baby. What should I do?Why is it so easy to stool during pregnancy?

Hormone influence

After a woman’s pregnancy, hormones in the body occur in the New Year’s Eve, and the placenta secretes a large amount of progesterone to reduce the secretion of gastric acid.If you grow, you can’t discharge the body as normal.


Although food staying in the gastrointestinal tract increased, the water in the food residue was reassed more, resulting in the dry and hard stool excreted, and it was not easy to discharge from the body.


After pregnancy, exercise will be restricted, and activities are reduced compared to before pregnancy. Therefore, the muscle activity of the intestinal tract is weakened, and it is not easy to push to the stool out.The abdominal wall muscle of pregnant women becomes weak, and there is no enough abdominal pressure to promote during defecation.Therefore, it is difficult to discharge the feces accumulated in the rectum.

Dietary factors

Some expectant mothers have serious pregnancy reactions, vomiting and not replenishing moisture in time, and some expectant mothers eat too delicately, too little dietary fiber intake, or eaten from time to time.It causes adverse effects to defecation.

Regulate this during pregnancy

Add water

If the water in the body is insufficient, the constipation will increase, so the expectant mothers should get used to the habit of drinking water regularly. 6-8 cups of water per day.

Appropriate exercise

Specific mothers who do not have special contraindications should exercise appropriately, which is conducive to intestinal peristalsis, shorten the time of food through the intestine, and relieve constipation.

Drink more yogurt

Bange bacteria can help nutrition digestion and absorption, and can also regulate intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, expectant mothers should drink more yogurt and dairy products properly, which has a very good regulating effect on intestinal function.


To develop the habit of daily stool defecation, it is best not to read books and newspapers during the bowel after breakfast, and don’t stand it. If you have a convenience, go to the bathroom immediately.

Eat dietary fiber

Dietary fiber can stimulate the secretion of digestive fluids and promote intestinal peristalsis. It will also absorb water in the intestine, making the feces soft and easy to discharge. Therefore, the expectant mothers eat more grain grains and pay attention to thick and thin grain.

In the end, we must maintain a happy mood during pregnancy. Specific mothers must keep sleeping and relaxing in order to be pregnant.

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