What should I do if natural abortion?At different stages, its treatment methods are different

If natural abortion is divided into four categories and four stages according to its different situations.One is the threatened flow stage, the other is inevitable current, the other is a complete operation stage, and the other is not fully aborted, divided into these four cases.

In the signs of a threatened flow stage, the words of women generally speaking, she has some abdominal pain or some bleeding. These are not very serious, and the bleeding is not much. If she goes to the hospital to check, you can see that her palace mouth is not opened, and then she can see her mouth.The size of the uterus is similar to her pregnancy month, and then the patient may also be accompanied by some backache, lower abdomen, and so on.

During the period of warning, there are two main aspects of it. One is that one of our intervention and treatment may be better, so she can continue pregnancy.Another part, although she had some treatment during the threatened abortion, but there was no way to recover, so she gradually increased the amount of bleeding, so she gradually developed into an inevitable abortion.

At the stage of threatening abortion, if there is no special situation, we can take some tires of treatment, that is, use some traditional Chinese medicine tires, or progesterone, or vitamin E, etc., you can use these drugs to see if we can see how we can see.Can’t keep it.

If there is an inevitable miscarriage, the patient’s bleeding increases, and the stomach is more painful. At the hospital, her palace mouth has been opened. At this time, the abortion is inevitable.At this stage, if she judges that she is inevitable, we must actively take measures to take her out of her pregnancy as soon as possible.

The most common we can use the Qing Palace according to the size of her embryo.

Then if the abortion is inevitable, if it is re -developed, there may be two cases. One is an incomplete abortion. The incomplete abortion is clinically. It is part of the pregnancy.At the time, the patient’s bleeding increased, and then the stomach had a severe pain, so when he was done for examination, you could see that some of the pregnancy was blocked at the mouth of the palace, so some of them had flowed out at this time. In this caseThe processing should be the same as the inevitable abortion. The contents of the wall cavity should be taken out as soon as possible and took it out as soon as possible.So this is also a clear palace or ahead scraping, etc., just get it out.

Patients who have a completely miscarriage are that her pregnancy has been completely discharged. You can see that she has completely discharged. After the discharge, the abdominal pain gradually decreases, and then the amount of bleeding has gradually decreased. This shows that her things have been discharged.It’s completely aborted.

Then it is best to confirm that there is nothing in her uterine cavity after B -ultrasound, so if this period, if the bleeding is not too much, you can observe at this time without special treatment, then observe when this blood can be clean.Without special circumstances, the process of miscarriage is complete, which is a better result.

If patients with incomplete abortion are large in bleeding and accompanied by a shock, in addition to trying to clear her content at this time, then when necessary, there must be this blood transfusion and infusion.treat.


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