What should I do if my stomach is swollen for 6 months?

Life is over, haohao ~~ "

Mom said to himself: Xiaomi, you’re obedient, why is it so much to be tortured so much?

Well, Mom’s 6 months of pregnancy, her bloating is uncomfortable.

There should be a lot of expectant mothers to encounter this situation of Mima.Come, under the interview, what do you feel about flatulence during pregnancy?

Six months pregnant, Mom Mom had just went to make a large row and sugar.

The results show that everything is normal.The weekend may be more likely to have flatulence when it is cold, such as: fried, milk, soybeans, etc. The stomach is uncomfortable on Sunday night.After drinking orange peel water, it seemed a little better than before, and I drank honey water again in the afternoon.

Consult the doctor, the response given by the doctor is: As the pregnant woman increases, the uterus is increasing, and the uterus will be oppressed to the bottom of the stomach, causing the stomach capacity to be expanded.

Zhou Dong heard his mother’s words and sung on the streets and alleys.Mi Ma listened to the doctor and implemented a bit of life.For Xiaomi, is it easy to judge, is it easy? Mom?

In order to alleviate the bloating, taking medicine is inexhaustible, doctors suggest starting from the following aspects:

1. In the choice of food, we must pay attention to the combination of food. Part of it will aggravate the bloating. After eating, foods that cause indigestion should be avoided as much as possible. For example, milk should not be eaten with three meals.Use, mixed consumption may cause or aggravate stomach bloating.

2. Drink plenty of boiling water.Because if there are too many excretion in the large intestine, flatulence will be more serious.Only by ensuring that the body is sufficiently water can it promote laxative and alleviate flatulence.However, expectant mothers should not drink cold water. Cool water can cause intestinal colic and shrink the uterus, which is not conducive to the health of the fetus and the best warm water.

3. It is also important to supplement vitamins. For example, vitamin C has the effect of antioxidant and detoxifying, can reduce the mental stress of pregnant women, promote the synthesis of collagen, and enhance gastric power., Reduce mental stress and improve sleep.

4. The growth and development of the fetus requires a large amount of protein. The demand for foods such as starch and beans that are likely to cause flatulence are relatively small. Therefore, the expectant mothers should eat as little as possible in time.You can eat more fruits. In addition to rich vitamins, fruit also contains sugar.

5. expectant mothers should develop a good diet, a small amount of meals, and exercise in an appropriate amount after meals.Don’t worry that you can’t provide your baby’s nutrition without excessive tonic, especially when you have flatulence, the stomach is swollen. If you eat a lot of food, it will increase the burden on the stomach work and make the stomach bloating.Even more powerful.

After watching the sharing of Mima or above, everyone, do you, have you relaxed?Don’t worry too much, Mi Mom always accompany everyone to make progress with everyone, everything will be getting better and better ~~~

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