What should I do if my stomach is easy to swell during pregnancy

The bloating of the stomach during pregnancy is a more common physiological phenomenon.The bloating caused by hormone secretion during pregnancy. In the middle and late pregnancy, the uterine dilation compresses the intestine, making the intestine not easily move, which will cause pregnant women to bloating.Most pregnant women have a serious bloating in the first three months after pregnancy.

How should I alleviate my stomach during pregnancy?

1. Eat some acidic foods

Yogurt is very nutritious for people who are pregnant. Sour food can promote digestion. Yogurt is a nutritious food. Yogurt contains calcium and protein.The beneficial flora is more active, so as to improve the situation of flatulence.

2. Eat more cellulose

Vegetables and fruits can be eaten more. Babies need a lot of protein, so starch, pasta, and beans are easy to produce gas and easy to make gastrointestinal discomfort. They need less demand and do not need to take more.In addition, you can get sugar and starch appropriately. Apple and pear are both good sources. You can also obtain starch and protein from the meat. Beef and fish are good choices.

3. Drink plenty of boiling water

If you accumulate too much feces in the large intestine, the flatulence will be more serious, so you must have enough water to promote bowel movements.It is recommended that pregnant women drink more warm water and not drink cold water, which will cause intestinal colic and cause the uterus to shrink.In addition, bubbles, irritating drinks should also be avoided, and soda, coffee, tea, etc. should drink less.

4. Make moderate activities

Because many women are afraid of abortion or abdominal pain after pregnancy, they often lie down after eating or usually they are unwilling to move. In fact, this approach is wrong.During pregnancy activity, it can promote the consumption of sugar in the body and promote the decline of the fetal head, which is conducive to delivery.Pregnant women recommend that each morning and evening movement every day or about 8,000 to 1,000 steps per day.

5. Massage

When intestinal peristalsis is not good, you can help intestinal peristalsis by massage, remind expectant mothers that the uterus is generally located in the middle of the abdomen. Some mothers will massage to the uterus because they do not understand the gastrointestinal position, which will cause uterine contraction.Therefore, when pregnant women have bleeding or uterine contraction, they must stop massage immediately.

Pregnant mothers must pay attention to avoid medication during pregnancy.Even if the protective agent and acid suppression of the gastric mucosa are relatively safe for pregnant women, it is better to take less medicine.In the case of severe abdominal distension, carbohydrates are the main ingredients.At this time, a large amount of dairy products or high protein may aggravate abdominal distension and increase exhaust.If abdominal distension can be avoided properly, these foods are consumed for a few days.You can also eat some fruits, such as apples, pears, bananas, etc., which may relieve abdominal distension, promote exhaust stools, and relieve symptoms.

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