What should I do if my belly is itchy in the middle of pregnancy?Mom sensitive to the skin, don’t grab it with your hands

There are many things to pay attention to during pregnancy, especially after 6 months of pregnancy, they often feel unbearable itching.At this time, the general pregnant mothers will catch it with their hands, but in fact, itching will intensify.What should I do when pregnant mothers are itchy?

1. If other discomfort can be excluded, it is not bile in the end. Most of the stretch marks must be growing in the middle and late stages.Don’t worry, this is generally normal, but don’t scratch it casually. It is best not to blindly apply some skin care products.Because the growth of the fetus will be opened, the skin of the mother will have itching, and the skin will grow stretch marks. If it itchy, you ca n’t restrain it. You can go to the hospital for a pregnancy test, but it is generally no problem.

2. Perhaps pregnancy skin symptoms: More than 15%of pregnant women may encounter this disease.The whole body may itch, and it usually occurs at six or seven months of pregnancy.Except for itching on the skin, there are no changes, and rashes and blisters will not occur.The cause of disease is generally believed that it is related to the increase in estrogen during pregnancy and has no effect on the fetus.

3. It may also be itching caused by allergic reactions. Some itching is caused by allergies, such as taking certain drugs or contacting allergic substances, and climate change.Essence

4. Perhaps the poisoning skin rash of pregnancy: The prevalence is about 1%, and most of them are born on pregnant women with short and small obese. The most often occurs when stretch marks occur.It is currently believed that it may be related to the imbalance of hormones.It is worthwhile that itchy skin does not hurt the fetus.

What should I do if Ichy skin itching during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers can increase the elasticity of the skin through diet and prevent skin itching caused by stretch marks.Eating sweets and fried foods are too much. You can eat more foods containing collagen fibers, such as trotters and kernels, and eat more fruits and fruits.

Pay attention to reducing food stimuli, such as eating less irritating foods such as pepper, ginger, raw garlic.The intake of seafood should be appropriate, because seafood will aggravate the skin itching, especially pregnant mothers who are more sensitive in their skin.In addition, do not wear out -of -air chemical fiber underwear, and often change to washing.

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