What should I do if my belly is itchy during pregnancy?Learn these tricks, easily alleviate don’t worry

It is said that expectant mothers in October can enjoy this beautiful thing, but in the process, as a expectant mother, it is actually painful and happy.In the pregnancy cycle, if the expectant mother is healthy, it is okay if the body is uncomfortable, it is very painful for expectant mothers.

Xiao Jing has been pregnant for five months now. In recent days, some changes have taken place in the body. I always feel that my belly is itchy. Where can I use ointment to relieve it? But now it is two hearts of the body.There are hormones, so Xiao Jing dare not take medicine easily.Imagine how uncomfortable the belly is itchy and not cured.Xiao Jing sometimes grasps it by hand, but her husband always stops immediately after seeing it. In case the belly is caught, it is not more troublesome.In this way, Xiao Jing could only silently the pain of ninja.Sometimes it feels itchy at night.

In fact, as the pregnancy time is getting longer and longer, the belly will be slowly expanded by the fetus, and there will be many problems that come. During pregnancy, skin diseases, and various eczema causes itching of the belly.Normal reason.When we do n’t have a baby in our belly, nutrition can be available. When the uterus is slowly enlarged, the belly will be supported, and the nutrition will not be available, so it is easy to dry, malnutrition, especially the double or the big belly.It’s easier to feel itchy.

1. The expectant mother’s belly itching situation, don’t grab it with your hands

You must know that our nails are toxic, and they will definitely be infected once they are caught.On the one hand, it is only temporarily relieved by grabbing itching, and it does not play a fundamental role.At this time, if the expectant mother can’t bear it, it can be used on the stomach to apply an olive oil or a moisturizing cream for a pregnant woman, and then massage it on the stomach gently with her hands.Growth of stretch marks.

2. During pregnancy, the various habits of pregnant mothers will change

After pregnancy, the skin of pregnant mothers will also become very fragile and sensitive.Therefore, when choosing clothes, try to choose loose and soft cotton clothes, do not irritate the skin.Usually keep the skin clean, pay attention to personal hygiene, and change the underwear and underwear.When bathing, don’t be too high in water temperature, and do not use alkaline soaps, which may increase itching of the belly.It is also critical to drink plenty of water and eat less fried foods.

3. There is a small red spot on the pregnant mother’s belly

However, if there is red spots or blisters on the belly, the mother should not deal with it by itself, which may cause other skin. It is recommended to go to a dermatologist doctor, and then follow the doctor’s advice to use some drugs to relieve it.There is also a very serious situation that the whole body itchy. In general, it is caused by bile stasis. This needs to be paid attention to and may need to be hospitalized. This is a liver problem that may affect the baby’s health.Essence

The problem of itching of the belly will be determined by the physique of pregnant women. Some pregnant mothers do not have this phenomenon throughout the pregnancy, and some otherwise.There is no need to worry too much about itching. If you need it, remember to consult a doctor if you need it, but you must pay attention to the use of medicine without permission.Therefore, here I still recommend that pregnant mothers usually have time to exercise appropriately and enhance their physique, so that they will not become frightened when facing these small problems.

Today’s topic discussion: Do you have itchy belly during pregnancy?How did you relieve it?Welcome to share.

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