What should I do if I have n’t come for a long time for half a month?

Female friends attach great importance to menstruation. Normal menstruation also means that human body is healthy and normal, but if menstruation is not possible, let us be overwhelmed.The reason why the month has not come is the issue that everyone should pay attention to.It is recommended that you must figure out that the menstrual period is postponed for half a month before the treatment.I have no menstruation in half a month, what to do if I do n’t have menstruation for a long time.

Gynecological experts point out that women’s menstrual cycle is generally 28-30 days. If it is about 7 days in advance or postponed, it is also normal, and the length of the menstrual cycle varies from person to person.

What if menstruation is postponed for half a month?If the menstrual cycle of women exceeds this time, the delay of menstruation mainly needs to consider two factors. First of all, it depends on whether it is pregnant, and the second is to see if it is true irregular menstruation.

In fact, it is normal for menstruation for half a month. Gynecological therapy experts introduced that under normal circumstances, it is normal for women to be delayed for about ten days in menstruation, but what’s going on after half a month after menstruation is delayed?

This may be a signal of irregular menstruation or pregnancy. In this case, it is recommended that women come to the hospital for examination in time. According to the cause, it is advisable to treat symptomatic treatment. Do not delay time to avoid delaying the condition.

There are many reasons that cause women’s menstrual delay. For example, women do not pay attention to conditioning in daily life, or do not pay attention to keep warm, which may cause delay of menstruation, but it is normal for menstruation to be delayed by 7 days.

Gynecological treatment experts remind women that if the number of menstruation is delayed and more than half a month, they should come to the hospital in time to determine the cause of menstruation delay.This will not only be assured of myself, but also at home.

Due to the poor living habits now and the pressure of women’s work, women’s menstrual disorders, or more and more delayed menstrual periods, then what is the real cause of menstruation delay?Below we will answer it in detail around this topic.

There will be when delayed menstrual periods, so what are the reasons for our women’s menstrual delay?

The causes of menstruation are mainly considered five aspects: one is pregnancy, the other is drug factors, the third is mental factors, the fourth is the changes in living habits or living environment, and the fifth is the impact of disease.

Generally, under normal circumstances, the menstrual cycle of women is 28-30 days. If women’s menstruation is advanced or postponed for about 7 days, it is still a normal range.Of course, the length of the cycle varies from person to person, but if the menstruation does not come normally after 7 days, it is considered to be delayed.

Normal menstruation is maintained for about 3-7 days. If a woman has a husband and wife life, it is necessary to consider whether the menstrual period is delayed because of pregnancy. If the menstrual period is delayed for about 10 days, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check whether it is pregnant.

There are many reasons for delayed menstruation. Among them, the main reasons for the delay in menstruation are pregnancy, drug factors, mental factors, living habits or living environment changes, and disease effects.

1. Pregnancy

Generally, 7 days after the same room can detect whether there is a pregnancy situation. If a child of childbearing age has sex before, the menstrual period is delayed for more than a week, and consider whether to be pregnant.

There are many ways to determine whether you are pregnant. The commonly used early pregnancy test strips are used. Of course, the use of early pregnancy test strips to test pregnancy is not necessarily accurate. If you know if you are pregnant accurately, you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound.Essence

2. Drug factors

Take contraceptives, diet pills and other drugs have also affected women’s menstruation.General hormone drugs have an impact on women’s endocrine. If you take such drugs for a long time, it will affect women’s normal menstruation and may cause delay of menstruation.

3. Mental factors

If women are under too much pressure in their daily life or work, they will also cause delay of menstruation.Because of long -term depressed psychology, as well as angry, or suffering from stimulation and psychological trauma, menstrual disorders or dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea can be caused.

4. Distermination or living environment changes

Some women like staying up late, drinking cold drinks or eating cold food, excessive diet, etc. These bad living habits have a greater impact on women’s normal menstruation, and regular life can keep menstruation regularly.In addition, changes in the living environment may also affect the arrival of menstruation. For example, the weather becomes cold, which may cause delay of menstruation.

5. Effect

Some women’s diseases, such as abnormal ovarian function, will affect the normal menstruation, and there may be delay in menstruation.Other chronic consumer diseases, such as chronic hepatitis, tumors, severe iron deficiency anemia, regenerative disorder anemia, and tuberculosis, often delayed menstruation due to lack of nutrition.

The symptoms of delayed menstruation show that menstruation is more than 7 days late than normal cycles.The symptoms of delayed menstruation are also related to the physical condition of women. The symptoms of delayed menstruation delayed menstruation are as follows according to qi stagnation, phlegm resistance, blood deficiency, and kidney deficiency.

1. Delay of qi stagnation menstruation

Menstruation symptoms: menstruation is delayed, the menstrual flow is small, the color is normal or dark, and the discharge is not smooth.

Systemic symptoms: mental depression, or less abdominal pain, or breast bloating, chest pain, tongue quality or slightly dark, tongue coating or thin yellow.

2. Indications of phlegm -resistant menstruation

Menstruation symptoms: postponed menstruation, pale and mucus -shaped, and there are many beams before and after menstruation.

Systemic symptoms: obesity of the body, dizzy and palpitations, abdominal distension, vomiting, cough and sputum, less appetite, fat tongue, tooth marks, and greasy moss.

3. Delay of blood deficiency type menstruation

Menstruation symptoms: delay, small amount, light color, thin quality.

Systemic symptoms: yellowish or pale, dizziness, palpitations and insomnia, even the abdomen pain, but also like to press rubbing, lighter lips, thin white fur.

4. Delay of kidney deficiency and moonmen

Menstrual symptoms: postponed periods, low menstrual flow and thin, dark or dim.

Systemic symptoms: lumbosacral soreness, many night urine, more leucorrhea, light quality, or dizziness tinnitus, pale tongue, thin white moss.

Women should maintain a pleasant mood in their daily life and work. Daily work and rest habits should be better. Long menstruation has a certain impact on physical health. Therefore, female friends should pay attention to this problem, find out the reasons for delay, as soon as possibleSolution.

Conclusion: Once the menstrual period is delayed for a long time, you must figure out what is the reason. This is very important. The above lists some related content. I believe that after reading it, you will have some understanding.If these related symptoms have occurred, they must be alert to what are the causes and then treat them in time.

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