What should I do if I have back pain during pregnancy?Four methods may not be used to help relieve

Pregnancy is a very happy thing, but pay attention to many aspects during pregnancy, especially the production inspection work should be done well.Of course, many women will face physical changes during pregnancy. Among them, the burden of lumbar spine is worse, and it is a common situation that it is easy to lumbar pain. It is necessary to master wonderful recruitment to reduce pain and maintain a relaxed state of the lumbar spine.

1. Reasonable rest

By the end of pregnancy, the fetus is constantly developing, and the burden on the body will increase, and many women will have back pain.Lumbar pain should be relieved. The effective method is to rest reasonably and avoid excessive fatigue.Many women do long -term work, and under the influence of fetal development and heavy work, it is easier to have waist pain.

If you want to relieve this pain, you should rest properly to ensure that there is enough sleep time every day. Of course, do not do it if you work again at this time.

2. Proper calcium supplementation

Lumbar pain during pregnancy is a situation that many women will have, and by proper calcium supplementation, it can also strengthen the bones and reduce the burden on the waist.Many women do not obtain sufficient nutrition after pregnancy. They may be in the state of calcium deficiency in the body. Calcium deficiency is not conducive to the development of the fetus. It may also affect the health of the pregnant woman itself. The bones will become fragile after calcium deficiency.obvious.If you can choose the right time to supplement calcium, the bones will become strong, the lumbar spine function will be improved, and the pain will be reduced.Of course, calcium supplementation can also avoid cramping during night sleeping at night.

3. Stable weight

Relocation can be achieved by controlling weight by controlling weight, because the severe burden on the body in the second trimester is common. The fetus is constantly developing, and more and more amniotic fluid will increase.Can be reduced.

If you are obviously fat, the fat tissue accumulation in the body, do not pay attention to diet control, and decreases during pregnancy, may increase the pressure of the lumbar spine after obese excessive obesity, so that the pain will become more obvious.If you can arrange your diet reasonably and cooperate with sufficient exercise to promote the consumption of calories, the weight control is well controlled, and the low back pain performance will be reduced.

4. Massage waist

To relieve low back pain during pregnancy, the purpose can be achieved by massage.Because local massage can achieve the role of promoting blood circulation and relaxing muscle.Some people have poor habits, incorrect sleeping positions, and usually wrong sitting positions, which are easy to make the lumbar spine bend large, and then it is easy to pain.If you just do your body during pregnancy, your body burden will also make the lumbar spine discomfort. At this time, the effect of relaxing muscles through local correct massage can be used to relax the muscles. The intensity is appropriate during massage.

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