What should I do if I have acne, long body hair, no menstruation, and inaccurate … Obstetrics and gynecologists teach you how to break

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real case scenario

Xiaoli has a rough pores all year round. At the same time, menstruation is irregular and irritable. Later, her boyfriend could not stand "domestic violence". She was sent to the hospital for examination and was diagnosed.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Because of her body obesity, gynecologists suggested that she lose weight.

After she found me, according to the scientific and reasonable dietary advice, and the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine.

After more than four months, after the loss of 18 pounds, the menstrual rules were reduced, and the re -examination of the polycystic was also improved.

I have encountered many people who have encountered many polycystic ovary syndrome in the clinic, and also helped many girls to get pregnant successfully.

After many people go back to take the medicine, the first news reported to me was "Dr. Qiu, I finally came to my aunt !!!" (Because after seeing the outpatient clinic, you usually add a contact information.)

Before, I was a senior alumni and sister of the University of China, and I went to me to lose weight and conditioning with her husband and husband of the University of China.

Later, she was pregnant and had children, and she also gave me a flag of giving me a child Guanyin.

I still shot me ugly, do you say that it is not angry?

I compiled some of your questions about polycystic, let’s take a look together.

The polycystic ovary is a very common disease now, and it has a greater impact, because it is difficult for polycystic people to get pregnant.

Whenever I have irregular menstruation, acne, hairy, and large belly, I have to doubt whether there is a versatile.

After seeing too much, I have sorted out the experience of treating polycystic.

First, no matter whether it is obesity, the polycystic must adjust your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and schedule;

Second, lose weight;

Third, use drug intervention reasonably.

Fourth, with Chinese medicine treatment.

I suggest that people with obesity and polycystonia should pay attention to scientific weight loss while regulating treatment at the same time.

The connotation of scientific weight loss includes:

Balanced nutritional diet -Many people are not fat because they eat too much, but they are not eating right, and their nutritional unevenness;

Appropriate exercise -exercise helps to improve the insulin resistance of the polycystic, increase energy consumption;

Regulating emotional pressure -girls, especially girls with fertility, may be anxious and worried in the face of polycystic diagnosis, and stress will also make people obese.Facing the pressure in work and life;

Avoid staying up late to sleep -staying up late affects the effects and quality of weight loss, resulting in the body more likely to accumulate fat.

TCM treatment -reasonable application of traditional Chinese medicine will have a very positive effect on polycystic.

My common formula is Qiwu Decoction.

Of course, Qiwu Decoction is mainly promoting blood circulation and blood, and according to the physical fitness, it is necessary to adjust.

Clear heat, reduce phlegm and dampness, nourish the liver and kidney, regulate qi and blood.

It should be the core of polycystic therapy.

At the same time, I suggest that patients with large -scale weight -capped polycystic can try diet management solutions for weekends.


Because people with polycystic ovary have two major pathological cores:

High insulin ledmia and aquarium lesions.

What’s the meaning?

High insulinmia → easy to gain weight, easy to diabetes;

Highnemiamia → Mao, acne, do not come to menstruation → like men.

These two cores are not solved, and it is too much.

So what are the gynecological treatment methods?

High insulin ledmia → two -metammer;

High androgenia → Da Ying (estrogen hormone anti -roged androgen).

So why should you eat lightly?

Reasonable and light -breaking can reduce analogenic insulin, improve high insulin ledmia, improve leptin resistance and insulin resistance;

At the same time, short -term fasting is beneficial to Highnesty.

But there are a few requirements for eclipse:

1. The law is performed;

2. Calligch;

3. Enough nutritional support;

4. Appropriate medical protection.

Lightly, Here We go.

For ordinary people, it may be difficult to adapt, and it must adopt a gradual way.

Because polycysts are often accompanied by insulin resistance, the blood glucose regulation ability is poor, and hypoglycemia is prone to occur.

Therefore, while regular nutrition, it is necessary to adjust and help properly.

Polycin, high androgens and insulin resistance are close to the body heat and phlegm constitution of Chinese medicine.

Usually, proper use of traditional Chinese medicines for removing dampness and heat is beneficial. During fasting, in order to ensure the energy of activity and stability of blood sugar, it is also possible to slightly increase the quality of qi and nourishing blood.

In the end, you calling me to make my heart -up "multi -cyst recipes" finally born.

Rainbow color, cute, your vision should be good, right?

If you have polycycles, the sachet recipes plus the light food recipe, 6+1 or 5+2, condition the body and improve the lifestyle.

Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance.Pay attention to Doctor Yuan, popular science health knowledge, and enjoy healthy life.Welcome to collect+forward!

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