What should I do if I have a natural miscarriage for one month of pregnancy?

The internal factor of natural abortion in one month of pregnancy

1. Poor uterine development.

Most of them are people who are late for the first time, or people who often have abnormal menstrual cycles, or weakness.If you have a miscarriage because of these conditions, you can use endocrine therapy to improve these shortcomings to prevent re -miscarriage next time.

2. Benexes after the uterus.

The normal position of the uterus should be slightly forward, but some healthy women often have some uterus slightly backward. These slight back flexion will naturally turn forward in about 3 months after conception.However, in the process of factor flexion to the forward flexion, it is stimulated and caused by the shrinkage of the uterus, which will cause abortion.

3. Cervical laceration.

After dystocia, pliers take delivery or artificial fetal surgery, the uterine mouth will leave a laceration.If you ignore it, when you conceive again, you will leak the fetus out of the laceration and abortion. This can also use surgical sewing to supplement the uterine mouth to prevent re -miscarriage.

4. Uterine deformation.

Normal uterus is a hollow bag composed of muscle, and the shape is like a pear that is reversed.There may be some physiological uterus, which will have abnormal shapes.For those who are not very different, they may also be produced in normal circumstances, but they often cause abortion.

5. Chronic appendicitis.

Appendicitis is generally called cecumitis. If you do not apply surgery in time when inflammation, you will turn into chronic. So let it go, and you will be pregnant when you have no medical treatment.So it is best to receive surgery before conceiving.

6. Ovarian cyst and uterine fibroids.

These two diseases are not uncomfortable when the tumor is very young, so I often do not know the disease.However, after pregnancy, it will follow the bigger and hinder the increase of the uterus, which will cause abortion.

7. Husband and wife blood type is inappropriate.

Although this situation is rarely, it may be suspected that if it is a small number of small yields instead of the above -mentioned various reasons, or if the child is born severe jaundice, it should be suspected.

Natural abortion is the misfortune of pregnant women, but in a sense, natural miscarriage is a way for humans to continuously optimize themselves, and it is also the choice of new lives that are bred.Early abortion of chromosomal abnormal fetal abnormal fetal abortion will reduce the birth of malformations. Therefore, the cause should be found as much as possible before the fetus is preserved. Do not blindly protect the fetus.

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