What should I do if I have a joke of the doctor?

1 A woman runs into the emergency room crazy, claiming that she is overly taken medicine and needs to help immediately.The new interns immediately arranged gastric lavage.Ask what you eat after washing?She said, "I ate a whole box of mint sugar."

2 When doing surgical internships, ask the intern next to the surgery, what is this surgical plan.He actually answered me: "I haven’t had this disease. I don’t know how to do it?" What did he learn in college?

3 A group of surgeons eat barbecue after get off work, and yell loudly.Boss: "String me your mouse meat for 5 skewers!" Everyone looked at them in doubt, one of them said, "Everyone can rest assured that we can eat it as a doctor, and we have eaten so many peopleMouse meat, the best food in his family! "

4 When talking about the risk of surgery for patients, he told him that the probability of successful surgery was 99 percent.The patient was a little unhappy.I also said that I have done this operation 99 times, all of which are successful, you can rest assured.Then the patient cried and killed me to do not let me perform surgery. The next day I was called to the dean’s office to write and checked it.

5 people always kept calling at home in the middle of the night, and he couldn’t sleep with noise. The doctor prescribed a bottle of sleeping pills for him.After a few days, he came again. He said that I could fall asleep after taking sleeping pills, but she couldn’t sleep when she had noisy.The doctor said in surprise: "The sleeping pills I prescribed for the dog!"

6 A doctor went to a remote place to travel, and unfortunately went to the local village hospital to see a doctor.The village doctor said that he was cold, and just go back and drink ginger soup to sweat.Doctors from big cities will not be able to prescribe medicine for village medicine.The village doctor was impatient, and the dog chased the doctor for two kilometers.The cold is fine.

7. 9 months of pregnancy have grown wisdom teeth unfortunately, and I have nervous pain.The dentist dare not extract teeth, and can only rinse my mouth to relieve the symptoms.Yin Difangyang asked the anesthesiologist, she said it was easy to handle; "When you have a pain when you have a pain, put a pepper there, it can be relieved for a while, the child is tight." I went back and tried it. AlsoReally used.

8 Son is addicted to the game. After scolding, he doesn’t work, and it will be on the entrance examination in half a month.Just ask the psychologist.The psychologist smiled and asked me to have a slow effect or slow.I stuck that it was very fast. He told me with a smile: "Go home and hide the computer host power cord. Finally, he also explained:" The power cord of the rice cooker must also be hidden, they are universal."I can be regarded as long -term.

9 Patients who can’t sleep at night causes the spirit to be poor the next day. Doctors can’t think of many ways.In the end, he showed his cards with the patient: "I have no way to cure your illness, but I can cure it half." The patient asked happily: "Can you sleep well at night?" The doctor shook his head: "I can let you let you make youIf you have mental illness, you will have a spirit. "

10 When I was a doctor on duty, I brought a mask. That day I happened to meet the rivals of the past and poured me dirty water everywhere. This time, it fell in my hand.I have 1.5 times that of a physiological saline patients with affection.I want him to pour the dirty water he splashed with a physiological saline and note it into his body, see if he will urinate in the crotch.

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The sound is still very loud

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