What should I do if I have a harmonious sexual life after giving birth?

What should I do if I can’t mention interest in sexual life

In fact, this is not a big deal.If the mother is not interested in sex, or is afraid that sexual life will be painful at this time, she will be actively communicating with her husband.Sex is only part of the intimate relationship. Good communication and couples take care of new babies together are all intimate embodiment.

Before restoring sexual desire, you can try other methods to keep intimate.For example, when the child is asleep, creating two people alone, even if it is just chatting and hugging, it can promote communication; when separated during the day, you can call and send messages.However, if the communication with her husband does not allow you to recover sexual desire, but in life, you have excessive sensitivity, irritability, extreme fatigue, lack of fun, feeling that you have a gap with your children. We must be alert to postpartum depression.

50% to 80% of women have more or less depression after giving birth, and 10% to 15% of mothers even have depression after production.If you are worried that you are postpartum depression, communicate with obstetrics and gynecologists or psychiatrists as soon as possible, and timely treatment can be cured as soon as possible.

What are the causes of postpartum cold?

1. Start sexual life prematurely.

After women’s fertility, changes in the whole body and reproductive system caused by pregnancy and childbirth will have a certain inhibitory effect on sexual desires. Generally, two months after giving birth can various organs return to normal, and sexual desire will gradually return to the state of pregnancy.If the husband and wife do not understand this, they start sexual life too early after giving birth, especially some husbands are "doing myself" when their wives are reluctant.This not only affects the wife’s physical rehabilitation, but also causes the wife to be disgusted and disgusted with sexual life, and then develops into a cold.

2. Excessive fatigue.

Harmonious and happy sexual life needs to be based on good health and energy.After women have children, they often devote their energy to their children, and they are not interested in sex itself.If the husband sees the children and housework at this time, he is not considerate, careless, and helps. He is busy with his wife, and he is mentally mixed after he goes to bed. Of courseCome in life.

3. Improper contraceptive measures.

Some women do not take effective contraceptive measures after giving birth.In sexual life, because of fear of pregnancy, he always cares about; in addition, some husbands and wives adopt interrupt sexual intercourse contraception, each time when the "sex" is strong, the wife is close to the orgasmEssence

4. Postpartum vaginal relaxation

Elastic fibers in PC muscles are stretched or even ruptured, causing vaginal relaxation, vaginal dryness caused by vaginal relaxation, frequent inflammation, and yin blowing.The life of husband and wife is like routine business, and some are unable to do it because of the dryness of the vagina or the end of it. For a long time, it will affect the relationship between the couple and the cold.

Shining Yin Movement makes you more perfect

1. Practice of bed along the bedside

The body is lying on the bed, the hips are placed on the edge of the bed, the legs are hanging and straight, and slowly lifted, and then hang up and straighten it after 1 minute, but do not be on the ground.Hold your hands on the edge of the bed to prevent falling out of bed, repeated 6 times, once a day, allowing the vagina to recover firmly.

2. Standing exercise

Stand the wall, the legs are separated slightly, shrinking the hip muscles on both sides, clamping and lifting the hips as much as possible.After exercise, it can improve the vaginal relaxation state, improve the ability of the vagina, and persist for 15 minutes a day.

3. Reproduction of yin in the toilet

Every time you enter the toilet, you shrink the genitals and prevent the urine from discharging. After about ten seconds, urinate and shrink again.You can slowly extend the time of urination, and persist in practicing for two months, and you will see the effect.

4. Pelvic movement

Squat, knee slightly bent, two feet are about 60 cm away, and their hands are on their waist.Inhale, push the pelvis forward; exhale, pull back the pelvis, and at the same time as much as possible.Repeat 10 times.

5. Separate massage

Broken your legs, separate your knees, and the soles of your feet are opposite. Massage from your knees to the root of the thigh from your knees, and then massage from bottom to the bottom of the legs.Repeat it 5 times.

6. Practice leg exercise

Sit position, hold your hands back, bend your left leg, bend your right leg with your right leg, and put on the pad flat.Then lift your hips, extinguish your left leg, and straighten your left leg; put down your hips again and change your right leg to do the same movement.Repeat it 5 times.

Of course, in addition to the above recovery exercise, postpartum mothers should also ensure balanced nutrition and sufficient sleep. When appropriate, you can also use some private parts to maintain care, which can better help the muscle recovery of private parts!

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