What should I do if I find subordinates of choric membrane?Correct examination and treatment are the key

Subchorionic Hematoma (SCH) refers to the blood gathered in the area between the choric membrane and the gestational sac due to bleeding from choricular choric membrane bleeding.The hematoma and the uterine cavity are at least across the molten membrane, not in the uterine cavity. It is the aggregation of blood (hematoma) between the choric membrane and the uterine wall.Ultrasonic abnormalities and the most common bleeding cause.

Important indicators to evaluate down olful blood hematoma

Based on the proportion of the cypherical of the gestational sac around the gestational sac.If the length of the undercurricular hematoma around the pregnancy sac is less than 20% of the length of the pregnancy sac, it is small hematoma, 20% to 50% is medium -sized, and> 50% is large.

The vocal image of subdivium hematoma is manifested as a liquid gathering between the gestational sac and the uterine wall. It can be crescently moon -shaped and circular shapes. The shape of the liquid depends on the shape of the uterus.Hematoma Doppler and Energy Doppler can not detect blood flow signals.The focus is on the echo of hematoma.

There are differences in echo performance after different bleeding time:

1. Acute stage of hematoma (0 ~ 48 h): The echo of hematoma is higher than that of the pregnancy cyst wall or leaf -shaped choric membrane.

2. The subacute period of hematoma (3 ~ 7 d): The echo of hematoma is similar to the pregnancy cyst wall or leaf -shaped chori membrane. The echo performance in the hematoma becomes complicated, such as fiber strips, cluster -shaped, and so on.

3. Chronic period of hematoma (> 7 d): The hematoma is low or no echo.

Only about 20% of the subordinate vesicular hematoma can be accompanied by the clinical symptoms of vaginal bleeding and or lower abdominal pain, and most of the rest do not have obvious clinical symptoms and signs. ThereforeAnd the trend of change, ultrasonic examination is the preferred evaluation method.



Observe whether there is fetal heart activity

If you live a tire, measure the fetal heart rate and evaluate whether the fetal heart rate is normal.Most of the abnormal fetal heart rate during early pregnancy is abnormal heartbeat, but it has little to do with hematoma.About 80% of patients have lost pregnancy.


Measure the size of hematoma

The pregnancy loss rate of medium hematoma is about 25%, and the large hematoma is about 50%. If the hematoma accumulation is> 60 ml, the pregnancy loss rate is 93%.In the follow -up monitoring, if the hematoma increases, it is prompted to intensify the condition; the hematoma is reduced and the condition is relieved.

The choric membrane hematoma has a higher risk of failure to develop higher placental dysfunction. The risk of early peeling of placenta in the middle and late pregnancy increases by 2.6 to 5.7 times.

Treatment of downcuff hematoma


First, improve the endometrium of the entire uterine endometrium; second, participate in the maternal immunization regulation; third, reduce the sensitivity of the uterine and reduce contractions; fourth, improve the uterine blood flow.


Most patients in patients with uterine cavity bleeding in the early pregnancy have bottom molt or placenta vascular thrombosis. After checking the coagulation function, it can be anticoagulant after determining the state of the prone.

Hydraol alcohol

First, improve the placenta function.Esolid alcohol can enhance the activity of chorionic membrane, promote the secretion of endogenous pregnancy -related hormones, and thereby improve the function of the placenta.

Second, reduce the level of prostaglandin.Esolin alcohol can be combined with calcium ions to improve the threshold of the uterine smooth muscle excitement, inhibit prostatic infinal synthesis, and thereby inhibiting the contraction of the uterine.

The third induced PIBF formation.Protective asymmetric antibodies are generated.Make an inter -fetal immune response from rejection to protection.

Pay attention to use of hydraol:

Occasionally see the body’s liquid, nausea, headache, and liver function damage.However, severe liver dysfunction, Dubinjohnson and Rotor syndrome, previous pregnancy suffering from pregnancy hypertrophic or herpes virus.At the same time, this product can reduce sugar tolerance, and pregnant women with diabetes should regularly detect blood sugar levels.

traditional Chinese medicine

Dialectical uses cold blood to stop bleeding, promotes blood circulation and stasis, and nourish the kidney and spleen.Generally, after a full rest, you can keep your fetus with peace of mind. The hematoma can be absorbed in about two weeks. However, if the conscious symptoms are aggravated or the ultrasonic examination indicates that the hematoma increases rapidly, the possibility of abortion is greater.

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