What should I do if I find pregnancy after taking medicine?

After taking medicine, I found that I was pregnant. I was excited and I was worried that would it affect the health of the child?The chief physician of the Gynecology and Xiu Kui of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital said that after taking the medicine, he found that he was pregnant. At this time, he should hurry up to the hospital to consult a specialist. The doctor will comprehensively consider the drugs and medication time.

He Xiukui said that because the drug used during pregnancy can enter the fetus through the placenta barrier, which has a different degree of impact on the growth and development of the fetus, and some may even cause fetal malformations. Therefore, medication needs to be very careful during pregnancy.But this does not mean that all children can’t ask after taking medicine.

"There are many types of drugs, and not every drug will have serious effects such as teratogenic development on the development of the fetus." He Xiu Kui introduced that at present, according to the danger of drugs to the fetus, B, C, D, X level: five levels:

A -level drugs have been confirmed to have no harm to the fetus;

The B -level drugs have been confirmed that harmless in animal experiments, but still lacks research in humans;

There are no good animal experiments and human studies in C -Class C, or it has discovered adverse effects on animals, but there is no research on human beings;

D -level drugs are already dangerous to the fetus, but when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment, sometimes consider taking medicine;

Class X is a type of drug that has been confirmed that the danger of the fetus is greater than favors, and can have teratogenic or other serious adverse effects.

In addition to different levels of drugs that affect the fetus to varying degrees, taking medicine is also an important reference factor.

Generally speaking, in the process of fertilized eggs into embryos and fetuses, the sensitivity to the external impact can be divided into three stages: unsightly, sensitive and low -sensitive periods.

During the non -sensitive period:

It means that within two weeks of pregnancy, the effect of drugs on the embryo is "full" or "none", that is, at this stage, if you accidentally take medicine, there are two types of drugs on the embryo, eitherThat is, "full", that is, the drug affects the embryo. In this case, the ending is that the embryo will not be able to keep it in the early pregnancy. The other ending is that the drug does not affect the embryo. The embryo can continue to be abnormal.Develop.

Sensitive period:

That is, 2 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, this stage is the division and proliferation period of embryonic cells, which is extremely sensitive to the external impact. If you accidentally take the medicine at this stage, the drug is likely to reach the fetus through the placenta barrier.The normal differentiation leads to the occurrence of deformity.

Low sensitive period:

That is, after 12 weeks of pregnancy.At this stage, the baby’s baby transitions from the split and proliferation of cells to the proliferation of cells. From this stage, the baby has passed the most dangerous period in development, and the chance of teratogenia after taking medicine is greatly reduced."But it is not to say that at this stage, you can take medicine at will. After all, at this stage, the various functions of the fetus have not yet developed, and it may still affect the growth and function of some organs of the fetus when taking the medicine.The fetus’s liver and kidney function, reproductive function, or neurological development. "He Xiu Kui emphasized that at this stage, when treatment needs to take medicine, it is also necessary to use it under the guidance of a doctor and monitor it during the medication period.

He Xiukui reminded that pregnant mothers should relax and do not always be worried. Otherwise, this bad emotion will also affect the healthy growth of the baby.

Of course, in addition to the impact of drugs, there are many factors and even unknown factors that will affect the development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers must be regularly checked during pregnancy. Once abnormalities are found, they should obey the advice of a specialist to ensure that the eugenics are preferred.(All media reporter Wang Jing correspondent Lin Huifang)

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