What should I do if I encounter insomnia during pregnancy?4 tricks to easily solve

The niece who was pregnant for 8 months yesterday called to call for help:

I ca n’t sleep well this month. The bigger the baby, the worse, the worse, the less I ’m going to sleep. I often get up to go to the toilet for 40 minutes. After I came back to the toilet, I came to the spirit. I slept for less than 3 hours a night, so tired!Why do you do this, what should I do?Can’t sleep like this will affect the baby in the future?

Insomnia is a short sleep time, poor sleep quality, people can’t sleep at night, easy to wake up, and it is difficult to fall asleep again after waking up.

Some people can do things normally during the day after insomnia. Most people feel that they are not easy to concentrate after waking up during the day. Emotions are easy to fluctuate, especially tired and low.

Many expectant mothers will encounter sleep problems during pregnancy, especially in the first three months and the last three months of pregnancy.

The cause of insomnia is except for common anxiety, high work pressure, and too many common reasons such as adults.

There are also various discomforts during pregnancy, such as leg cramps, frequent feeling of frequent urination, to the toilet for no reason, lumbaric acid, worrying that it is not good to bring babies, and so on.

But no matter what causes, first of all, we must know that insomnia will make you uncomfortable, but it is harmless to your baby. Don’t worry about hurting your baby.

Many people are suffering from insomnia to physical damage. Good sleep is a prerequisite for health.

What should I do when I encounter insomnia during pregnancy?

Sleep is a gold chain that connects health with the body. For insomnia during pregnancy, don’t despair.You can do something to improve sleep quality.

Review the basic knowledge of good sleep, learn the tools for sleep aid, and techniques for safe use during pregnancy.

The following methods may be useful to you.

1. Exercise regularly

Many people dare not exercise after pregnancy. In fact, it is wrong. The exercise will make the secretion of emotional endorphin. The moderate amount of exercise is very helpful for the health of pregnant women.

In consulting doctors or qualified fitness coaches, we can swim, jog, dance, yoga, stretching and other movements.

If the family is opposed or worried about it, then walking is a way to act as a suitable activity, which can be done anytime, anywhere, as long as you feel not exhausted.

Static training such as meditation, abdominal breathing skills, can help them relax and improve muscle soreness during pregnancy.

Do not do fierce exercise in the evening, especially 2 hours before bedtime.

2. A good sleep environment

As your own habit, make a small nest that you can see comfortably, and you can try to put some soothing music hypnosis.

Take a hot bath or make a massage before going to bed, and put the electronic equipment such as mobile phones outside the bedroom, so that the body can relax.

Try to use a C -shaped or U -shaped pillow designed for pregnant women.

Try the wedge -shaped pillow. This kind of pillow can support your abdomen. Put a pillow on your abdomen and back to get additional support and feel more comfortable.

There are symptoms of burning heart or breathing difficulties, try to raise the upper body a little.

Due to the better elasticity of latex mattresses, if lying on the side will bring too much pressure on the hips, latex mattresses may be relieved.

3. Comfortable clothes

Wearing bra and pregnant women with sleeping for sleep, so that your breasts, abdomen and back can get additional support.

4. Diet

Stop eating 2 hours before going to bed to prevent too full.

Eat less meals, slowly and thoroughly chew food.

Placing additional pillows under the chest and head to increase the height of the upper body can help reduce gastric acid reflux and avoid stomach burning sensation

If you sometimes lie down for a long time, you still can’t fall asleep, you can consider getting up.Try to read a book, eat some snacks, or drink some hot milk, and go to bed when you are sleepy.

Continuous insomnia to find someone to chat, or whether to talk about whether other interventions are needed.

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