What should I do if I do n’t like to eat meat when I am pregnant?

After women’s pregnancy, the response in the body is very large, and some women have a great change in appetite after pregnancy.Some women like to eat meat before pregnancy, or even meat, but they do not like to eat meat at all after pregnancy.So what’s the matter if you don’t want to eat meat when you are pregnant?

[What should I do if I do n’t like to eat meat when I am pregnant?.

After women are pregnant, there will be a pregnancy reaction in the early days, which will lead to a picky habit. Many of them can pick up the habits of pregnant mothers through the entire pregnancy.I don’t like to eat meat, which is mainly related to some changes in the body after pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy, that is, in three or four months, the pregnancy response of the pregnant woman was more serious. It was easy to vomit everything, and it was more picky.Will be disgusting.This situation is a normal pregnancy reaction, and it will return to normal after a while.

From a medical perspective, changes in appetite and taste during women’s pregnancy are normal. For example, if the appetite decreases, it is more sensitive to the smell.The food you love to eat, but you are nauseous when you see it.The reason for this is mainly due to changes in endocrine activities of pregnant women, and metabolic activities have also changed, which affects the digestive system, which has also changed the appetite.These situations are normal reactions during pregnancy. As the month of pregnancy increases, the taste will change differently, which varies from person to person.

Don’t worry, you can eat other "similar foods" to supplement nutrition.

Because we eat meat mainly to supplement high -quality protein, iron and trace elements, etc., pregnant mothers who do not like meat can supplement these nutrients through other similar foods.for example:

Foods that help supplement high -quality protein include: milk and dairy products, soybean and soy products (tofu, tofu brain, soy milk, dried soybean, etc.), fish and shrimp, etc. These foods help supplement high -quality protein;

Foods that help iron supplements: such as pork liver, dark green vegetables, etc. These foods can be ironed to prevent anemia;

Foods that help supplement trace elements: such as vegetables, vegetables, nuts, seafood, etc., can be added.

Of course, there is another method that is to drink pregnant women’s milk powder directly. Pregnant women’s milk powder is a milk powder that is matched with an ratio. It adds a variety of nutrients needed by pregnant mothers, which also helps to supplement nutrition during pregnancy.Nutrition can also directly supplement the "nutrient supplement" under the guidance of a doctor.

If you do not take positive measures, it will continue to cause serious consequences.

(1) Pay attention to rest and avoid excessive fatigue. At least 8 hours of sleep at night, you should rest for a while during the day. But you do n’t need to bed often. The bedroom must be ventilated and the air is fresh.

(2) Avoid all bad stimuli, stabilize emotions, relieve ideological concerns, and maintain a happy spirit.

(3) Choosing is easy to digest, light and delicious, concentrated and rich in carbohydrates, protein and vitamin foods, like salty soda cakes, porridge, soy milk, cow milk, stewed eggs, fruits, etc.The time must be regular.

(4) Properly supplement vitamins, oral vitamin B610 mg, B110 mg and C100 mg, three times a day. Those who cannot be taken orally, can inject muscle injection vitamin B6100 mg, B1100 mg, C100 mg, once a day.

(5) Take a small amount of sedative vomiting, that is, water loss, electrolyte disorders, and acid poisoning (positive urine vinegar ketone) must be hospitalized to quickly reverse the disease.

It may be the reason why you respond too much. It ’s just right. At first, I ca n’t have any response. I ca n’t eat it. It’ s better to eat more other fruits.Nutrition.It is recommended to pay attention to rest, supplementing some folic acid is best, regular health during pregnancy, balanced nutrition, diet must choose fresh and natural, or organic food and green food.Make half a catty of staple food every day. Half of them are coarse grains and mixed grains. One pound of vegetables are guaranteed every day. Half of them are green leafy vegetables. One egg is guaranteed every day.

It is recommended to ensure a balanced nutrition during pregnancy, to match the diet reasonably, avoid partial eclipse or picky eaters. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a good mentality to avoid excessive emotional fluctuations.Pay attention to rest during pregnancy, and some exercise can be performed appropriately to avoid excessive fatigue. At the same time, pay attention to regular check -ups to ensure that the changes and health of the fetus should be clarified in a timely manner.

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