What should I do if I do n’t eat food at 37.5 degrees?What kind of medicine is the best treatment for sows?

Recently, some farmers are consulting us with such a question: What should I do if the body temperature of pregnant sows does not eat 37.5 degrees?The sow’s body temperature is lower than 38 ° C, which is low temperature. Many of us have encountered this phenomenon.In this article, let’s explain how the sow is treated with low temperature.

Step 1: Raze to sow

The phenomenon of low -temperature sows, the first thing we have to do is to heat the sow.The drugs we usually use for pigs are usually injected with sodium sulfonate injecting camphor sulfonate, but it should be noted here that this drug should not be used for sows, because improper use of sodium sulfate in the camphor will cause sow abortion.

Here we provide two heating solutions to our farmers: the first plan to heat up for pregnant sows is to injected Kaishi while injection of vitamin C.Another solution to the warming to pregnant sows is to use mylosides injection to warm up the sows.Both methods can be used, which is safer for sows.

Step 2: Give the sow, keep the fetus, keep the fetus

When the sow is low temperature, if we do not handle it well, it is easy to cause miscarriage, so we must pay attention to the sow’s tires and tire protection work.The reason why sows have low temperatures are more complicated. For example, mold toxin poisoning can cause low temperatures of sows, low immunity can also cause sows to low temperature, and even some stress reactions can cause sow low temperature.Therefore, we must do a good job of prevention, which is important for sow’s tires and fetal protection.

During pregnancy, we can mix the sow: mother animals too much+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee+cling mold too much, so that the immunity of pregnant sows can be improved, the sows’ physical fitness is prevented, and the sows are not estrus and miscarriage.The occurrence of death and lack of milk.

The above is the treatment method and preventive measures we can take when the body temperature of the pregnant sow is lower than 37.5 ° C. If we encounter the phenomenon of low temperature during the breeding process, you can try the method in the article. I hope the content of this article can help help.To our farmers.

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