What should I do if I do not expect to be "pregnant"?One article understands common problems about painless flow of people


For the family who prepare for pregnancy, full of joy and expectation

If not prepared

Facing accidental pregnancy

Don’t panic

Keep a calm mentality first

Keep watching

About pregnancy

Calculate the first day of pregnancy on the first day of menstruation.

The correct number of days of pregnancy is calculated based on the first day of the last menstrual period, not based on the days of the same room.This is because the pregnancy time is calculated from the development of follicular eggs.

What kind of early pregnancy reactions will pregnant mothers go through?


Discontinue menstruation

If the original menstruation was very timely and suddenly stopped menstruation for more than 10 days, female friends would pay attention to it, it is likely to be pregnant. If it is uncertain, it is recommended to go to the hospital for related examinations.


feel sick and vomit

Nausea and vomiting are common in early pregnancy reactions, especially morning vomiting, and vomiting varies from person to person.


Loss of appetite

Some pregnant people have different appetite. Some people have no stomach eloquence, and some people want to eat madly.


Dizziness, frequent urination

Most women who have early pregnancy have symptoms of frequent urination.



If the last decision has been decided

Early pregnancy examination is indispensable

Early pregnancy examination can determine your own gestational week and pregnancy situation

Whether it is a normal intrauterine pregnancy

Confirm the above

In order to choose a way of abortion that suits you

Over time for abortion surgery

A better time is generally 35-day-55 days after pregnancy.

During this time, the uterine wall is thicker, the gestational sac is moderate in size, and the surgical operation is easier and safer.Because each person’s constitution is different, there may also be a certain deviation in the time selection of the flow of people.After discovering that you are pregnant, you should go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination and listen to the doctor’s opinion.

What are you paying attention to before surgery?

☆ Before the abortion surgery, a comprehensive inspection must be performed, including leucorrhea, blood drawing, gynecological B ultrasound.

☆ Sexual life is prohibited one week before surgery, and water forbidden water is fast within 6-8 hours before surgery.

☆ On the day of going to the hospital, bring a sanitary pad to wear a loose and easy to wear and take off.

Kind tips

Special remind you of female friends

Care your own body

If you don’t plan to baby

Must take contraceptive measures

The flow of people is just a remedial measure after accidental pregnancy

Not a way of contraception

If you get pregnant by accident, you will be abortion

Also choose a regular hospital

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