What should I do if I do?

Probably pregnant mothers will go through this stage, that is, the situation of acid reflux and heartburn.There is such an old saying that pregnant women have acid reflux, and the heart is because the children are having hair.In fact, this is not correct, so what causes pregnant women to have nausea, acid reflux, and heartburn during pregnancy?

The phenomenon of heartburneral acid reflux in the second trimester is generally due to the increase in uterine increasing organs, especially the stomach, which causes the gastrointestinal tract to move slowly, and the stomach volume becomes smaller.There are symptoms of anti -acid heartburne caused by poor digestive function, and the burning sensation of the chest, and even some patients will be accompanied by the phenomenon of loss of appetite.So how to solve this phenomenon? It is always "anti -acid and heart" during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers try these 5 tricks to easily alleviate the problem.

1. Eat less meals

To solve the problem of gastric acid heart burning in the third trimester, we must pay attention to diet.To reduce the amount of meals and increase the number of meals is a good way.Because you can reduce the secretion of gastric juice through less meals, you can avoid excessive gastric acid secretion due to excessive eating, which causes the stomach to be uncomfortable.In this way, the stomach is not easy to be hungry, which can reduce the trouble of burning because of hunger.

2. Don’t lie down immediately after eating

Although it is the same time when lying down and digesting food after eating meals, it is different for pregnant women.The pregnant mother should stand or take a walk after eating.You can lie down and sleep in about two hours after eating, which will reduce the phenomenon of acid reflux.

3. Pay attention to sleep posture

When sleeping, the pillow is raised for 2-3 inches, and the esophagus is connected to our mouth. When we sleep, we can put a high pillow, which will prevent the stomach acid reflux in the stomach.

4. The diet is light, chewing slowly

The diet requires lightness. For pregnant women, we must get the point of getting. It should not be big fish and meat, which will increase the burden on the stomach of the pregnant woman.Stimulating and cold foods, do not eat foods that are sweet, sour, too salty, and too much. You can usually eat more vitamin -containing foods to protect gastric mucosa and improve their defense capabilities.It should be chewed slowly when eating, which is more conducive to digestion, which can make the food more gentle and soft. After entering the stomach, it is fully mixed with the digestive fluid, and digestion and absorption to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines.

5. Drink moon care

Monthly developed a conditioning drink developed by experts from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has a pleasant taste and the taste of sexual taste will not be biased.The principle of "source" is made with warm pure natural ingredients such as lily, fried valley buds, and fermented glutinous rice (no drug components).The biggest effect of the moon nourishing water is nourishing yin, strengthening the spleen and stomach, improving the body’s resistance, and entering the lung meridian, the heart meridian, conditioning the meridians, and promoting blood circulation. It has a good effect on alleviating pregnancy, stomach anti -acid heart burning!

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