What should I do if I am sick after pregnancy?Try these 6 tricks to make it easier during pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, the most tortured person is about vomiting, and it may make you grit your teeth as soon as you say.It makes you dizzy, his eyes are rising, Venus, and your legs are weak … If you say that this is a process of pregnancy, then you can recognize it, but turn your head to look at other pregnant women, but eat, drink, drink, and live a dragon.Can you jump for another three days and three nights … Is someone pregnant with a fake pregnancy?

1. What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a type of early pregnancy reaction. Generally, it starts at 5 weeks of pregnancy (also started earlier), and stops around 12 weeks of pregnancy.For some expectant mothers, the feeling of pregnancy will be the worst in the morning, and then gradually reduces it in a day, but the pregnancy vomiting may also strike at any time for a whole day.Pregnancy vomiting is normal. As long as it is within normal range, there is no need to worry about adverse effects on the fetus.

2. 3 major reasons for pregnancy vomiting

1. Swallowing is generally starting at 5-6 weeks, and it continues to decrease or disappear after 12 weeks.This is related to the fluctuation of the HCG level in pregnant women.After pregnancy, the HCG level rose sharply, and the body could not bear this drama, so pregnancy was pregnant.

2. It may be related to the "evolution" of humans.In order to protect the child, the body will remind the prospective mother through pregnancy: "You are already pregnant, pay attention to daily diet." And through pregnancy, vomit the suspected, toxic, toxic, and possibly healthy fetal foods, so as to achieve achievementThe purpose of protecting the fetus.

3. It may also be that after pregnancy, the physical function of the expectant mother becomes sensitive. Even if it is very light, the expectant mother can obviously smell it. It is because of the sensitive taste and smell, and the vomiting feels catalyzed.

3. What to do with pregnancy?

1. Diet therapy

In fact, the fetus grows slowly in the early pregnancy (first three months) and does not require too much nutrition.You can choose what you want to eat as much as possible in terms of taste, and minimize the amount of eating each time as much as possible.Drink plenty of water and eat more vitamin -rich foods to prevent constipation, because constipation will increase early pregnancy reactions.

Change the dining environment as much as possible so that this can stimulate appetite.In order to reduce the reaction of pregnancy, eat more dry foods, such as sesame biscuits, biscuits, grilled buns, bread slices, etc.If the pregnancy is severe, eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent acidosis.

2. Pay attention to diet, light, packed

This is the first thing to pay attention to for pregnant mothers. According to her preferences, choose food that promotes appetite.At the same time, consume more vegetables, fruits, soybeans, fish, eggs, cereals, etc., which can meet the needs of nutrition.

3. Choose food that is easy to digest

Secondly, pregnant mothers should choose more digestible foods to reduce vomiting reactions, such as porridge, bread, steamed buns.

4. Eat if you want to eat

Pregnant mothers do not have to follow the laws of three meals and eat.The number, quantity, type, and time can be adjusted according to the appetite and response of pregnant mothers.There is no need to pursue nutritional value to adapt to the changes in short -term taste of pregnant mothers.After the pregnancy reaction is over, it can be gradually adjusted.

5. Sports therapy

Participate in some gentle activities, such as outdoor walking, and doing pregnant women’s health exercises, etc., can improve their mood, strengthen their bodies, and reduce early pregnancy reactions.

6. Drug therapy

Some expectant mothers have serious vomiting. At this time, in order to ensure the health of the mother and fetus, nutritional agents should be supplemented.For example, taking some B vitamins and vitamin C can also reduce the discomfort of pregnancy reaction.

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