What should I do for pregnancy?(Suggestion collection)

Pre-pregnancy check

The first step for bred healthy babies

Eliminate genetic diseases

Prevention of birth defects

Birth for you to have a healthy baby!

The state implements a free pre -pregnancy test for the eligible preparation couple, holding her identity card, hukou book, marriage certificate, and the place where the woman’s household registration is located or in the area, township (town, offices), and receive the "National Free Premium Pre -pregnancy Health Inspection Project for Pre -pregnancy.After the service card ", you can go to the fixed -point (commissioned) medical and health institutions to receive free pre -pregnancy health examination services.The inspection items are the most basic eugenics inspection items, including 5 general service content (eugenics health examination, medical history inquiry, physical examination, risk assessment, consultation guidance, early pregnancy and pregnancy ending follow -up), 14 medical examinations (laboratory rooms (laboratory roomsNine inspections, 4 virus screening, 4 imaging examinations).These inspections are required projects. If necessary, further inspection must be performed at their own expense.

Genetic consultation

One of the following circumstances must do genetic consultation: a couple who has had a child with genetic diseases or congenital deformities.The couple both or one or relatives are patients with genetic diseases or family history of genetic diseases.The couple may be carriers of genetic disease genes.The couple have patients with chromosomal structures or abnormal numbers.Infertility history, infertility history, habitual miscarriage history, primary amenorrhea, premature birth, and death history after marriage after marriage.The couple’s organs have abnormal sexual or organ development and unknown patients with low intelligence.Couples married close relatives.Elderly couples (elderly women over 35 years old and older men over 45 years old).One or both couples in contact with harmful poisonous homework, including biology, chemistry, drugs, radiation, etc.; And pregnant women with certain chronic diseases.


Chromosomal examination is a method of checking the number of chromosomal or abnormal structure. It is generally used for pre -pregnancy and pregnancy examination. It can detect the risk of genetic diseases or predict children with genetic diseases.

Not all pregnant couples need to do chromosome examination.However, from the perspective of eugenics, the following types of people are still necessary to perform chromosomal examination: one of the family history of the pregnant couple has a family history of genetic diseases.There is a history of natural miscarriage, embryo stopping, dead tires, and death for unknown reasons.Children who have had abnormal chromosomes and are pregnant again.Preparation of pregnant couples.Because with the age of age, the quality of sperm eggs decreases, and the chance of chromosome variation will also increase.Preparation of pregnant couples has a special working environment and can be exposed to toxic, harmful, radiation environments, etc.

Cervical cytology examination

Sexual actors should do cervical cytology once a year.Those who fail to be checked within one year are recommended to check before pregnancy, brush the cervix to fall off the cells to eliminate cervical lesions.

Through cervical cytology, you can let expectant mothers understand their cervical conditions during the pregnancy, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment.

Mediterranean anemia screening

Mediterranean anemia is the most common genetic disease in South China. There can be more than 10%of the crowd carrying rate, that is, one of the 10 people is a carrier.Mediterranean anemia is a hidden genetic disease. Most people are only poverty -founder carriers. They do not show any symptoms or symptoms very mild, and they are easily ignored.Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy or early pregnancy, it can be roughly judged by the blood routine. If the blood conventional abnormalities should be performed in the next step of hemoglobin electrophoretic examination and the poverty alleged genetic examination.

Oral examination

During pregnancy, if severe oral problems, such as wisdom teeth, gingivitis, pulpitis, etc., due to the restrictions of medication during pregnancy, many anti -inflammatory drugs during pregnancy are not available, and small surgery such as tooth extraction cannot be performed.You can only try to control toothache and other discomforts to relieve symptoms. After delivery, it can not be thoroughly treated until the end of the breastfeeding.Therefore, oral examination should be performed before pregnancy to eliminate potential oral problems and try to avoid treatment during pregnancy.

Check chest, ECG examination

The chest tablets can diagnose lung diseases such as tuberculosis, and the tuberculosis patients can only get pregnant after cure.ECD response diseases should be performed before pregnancy to understand early diseases such as arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, and angina pectoris.

First of all, it is necessary to remind that no matter what childbirth or pre -pregnancy examination is the first step to bred a healthy baby.However, in addition to the above -mentioned pregnancy test, the second child should also pay attention to the following examinations:


The second-child mother is generally older, and most of them are 38-40 years average.Therefore, mothers who need to prepare for the second child are reminded that after 35 years of age, women have begun to decline.Moms over 35 years old are significantly lower than the age of the first child, and they are also significantly lower than young people.To this end, it is recommended to actively test those who have not been pregnant for more than half a year, and they should ask for help to doctors.

Uterine healing examination

If the first child of the second child is a cesarean section, the interval from the second child should be at least 2 years.Moms who prepare for the second child should do a detailed vaginal B -ultrasound to check the healing of the uterine. If there is an uterine diverticulum, the uterine is extremely inflated in the middle and late pregnancy, and there is a risk of uterine rupture.

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