What should I do after artificial insemination

After artificial insemination, I need to wait patiently before the pregnancy test, but there will always be some little worries and nervousness during the waiting process. I am worried that if I accidentally delay the baby’s arrival, there will be a little wind blowing.What should I do?

Do not have to be too nervous after artificial insemination. You can live normally and work. You will not have adverse effects in diet and exercise.

Artificial insemination day

After artificial insemination surgery, you need to lie down and rest for 30 minutes. You can go home directly after rest. You do n’t have to lie on the bed after you go home. You can do housework like usual.However, we must avoid strenuous exercise such as running and jump that day.You can take a bath that day, but you must not soak in the bathtub to take a bath.After artificial insemination, you do n’t have to worry about the flow of liquid flowing in the lower body. This is likely to be washed the physiological saline used for cleaning, and sperm will not flow out of the body.

Fate after artificial insemination

1. Pay attention to diet hygiene, reasonable diet, comprehensive nutrition, and eat less foods such as cold and deterioration, which can easily cause diarrhea, otherwise it may reduce the success rate of artificial insemination.

2. Diet is mainly light, eat less spicy irritating and greasy food, avoid tobacco and alcohol, drink less tea, coffee, cola, etc., so as not to hurt the embryo.

3. Change bad eating habits, do not picky food, partial eclipse, overeating, let alone diet because you want to lose weight.

4. Eat more nutritious foods, such as meat, eggs and soy products.

5. Eat more digestive foods to rest in bed after artificial insemination to reduce the amount of exercise. Some patients will have a decrease in appetite and indigestion. Therefore, you must choose foods that are easy to digest.

6. Multiple intake of high protein.After artificial insemination, patients should increase the supply of protein, pay attention to nutritional balance, and add appropriate meals.You can eat some chickens, ducks, fish, meat, eggs, soybeans and its products. The protein content in these foods is very high.


Sumid life is forbidden within 2 weeks after artificial fertilization.You don’t have to rest in bed, you can work normally, but avoid intense exercise such as running and jumping.

Postoperative pregnancy test

At about 14 days after surgery, I went to the hospital for blood testing through HCG values.If the pregnancy is successful, the fetus is kept according to the doctor’s order, and the B -ultrasound examination should be performed around 45 days of pregnancy to understand the development of the embryo; if this cycle is not pregnant, communicate with the doctorGo to the hospital to prepare for the next cycle.

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