What should husband and wife pay attention to sexual life during pregnancy?Remember these three protection measures

For most husbands and wives, sexual life is the blending agent of their feelings and an indispensable pleasure in their lives. However, during pregnancy, it is like a blockbuster.So, can husband and wife have sex during pregnancy? What protection measures should be taken?

Protection measures for sex life during pregnancy

Experts said: In the early days of women’s pregnancy, it is impossible to do the same room, which will affect the health of the baby.Therefore, for the health of the baby, I hope you should be considerate of your wife.Be sure to take care of her at this time, and don’t let her lack a sense of security.The expectant mother also gives her husband’s absolute trust!

After 3 months before pregnancy, the experts said that the husband and wife can have the same room at this time, but in order to ensure the health of the baby, the couples need to take the following protection measures:

1. The posture used must be scientific, and the movement must be very gentle.If you use too much position or wrong, it is easy to hurt your baby.

2. Be sure to control the incident of sex: Long -term sex will disturb the heart rate of women and reduce the body’s body resistance, which is also very unfavorable to the baby.

3. After the climax is over, you must do a good job of "postpot": The postpot of the postpot here is not the real postplay, but some health measures, such as: pay attention to keep warm, pay attention to nutritional supplement, and so on.

There are 5 precautions for sex during pregnancy

1. During pregnancy, hormones in the body change greatly, and the sexual desire of pregnant women will change very individualized, that is, it can become strong, or it can not be strong, or it can not change.Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether sexual life occurs according to individual needs. Don’t be depressed or forced.

2. During pregnancy, it is a special period for women and men. It will deepen the sense of intimacy if it is handled. If it is not well handled, it will have great lethality for marriage.Therefore, pay special attention to each other’s feelings, and we cannot just focus on women’s needs.The husband should take care of his wife, but the husband and wife are equal. The wife should not use this high. It would be inappropriate if the husband ignores the sexual needs of the husband.

3. Sexual life during pregnancy can be diverse. If either husband and wife do not want to insert sexual intercourse, you can use hand or oral sex to satisfy each other.However, the vaginal resistance during pregnancy decreases, so use condoms when handing in hand. Do not stimulate the internal vagina when oral sex.

4. The vaginal resistance during pregnancy decreases, and the uterine cavity infection must be strictly avoided.

6. Sexual life during pregnancy is to meet the basic needs and increase the intimacy of each other. It is not recommended for seeking passionate sex.Therefore, both men and women, especially the intensity and speed of men’s insertion, should be controlled. Pay attention to the feelings of women at all times. The husband and wife must communicate well. There are any discomfort, or the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding should be stopped immediately.Go to the hospital for examination.

The above is some protection measures that husbands and wives need to be done during pregnancy. The prospective parents who are brewing babies must pay attention! Finally, we will focus on reminding: couples should not live in the morning and late pregnancy, so as not to hurt the fetal gas.Causes miscarriage and can be sexually living in the middle of pregnancy, but the movement should be gentle and the frequency should not be too fast.

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