What protection do you do to do X -rays or CT examinations?

When some netizens complained that when they were doing a chest CT examination, they felt that the doctor did not give him a neck and abdomen protection, which caused dizziness after finishing.This netizen has concerns and say that it will cause cancer to do CT?I did CT once three years ago. How big is the current radiation dose?

In the eyes of this netizen, talking about CT will be cancerous, which is an over -worrying worry.So, how to do X -rays or CT examinations, how to do it?

The radiology department generally includes X -ray, CT and magnetic resonance (MRI), and some hospitals attribute the nuclear medical department to the radiology department. In addition to the magnetic resonance, other radiology inspections are radiating.But there is no need to talk about radiation.Only in a short period of inspection, the machine is opened and exposed will it be radiated.Many people think that passing by the radiation department or entering the corridor or the computer room has been radiated. If so, the staff in the radiology department have already canceled it and died hundreds of times. This is a very serious misunderstanding.

So how strong is to radiate a X -ray or CT?

In the nature of our lives, radiation is everywhere, and we will be radiated in nature every moment.This radiation is called a natural base radiation, usually about 2.0-3.0MSV/year (MSV is a unit that measures the radiation dose).

For example, the dose of 20 hours by plane is 0.1MSV; 20 cigarettes are sucking 0.5-2msv a day; subway security passengers may receive a dose of <0.01MSV each year.We are exposed to radiation every day.

When you come to the hospital for examination, the reference value of ray radiation in different parts: about 1.1MSV at a time; 0.2 msV of the chest tablet once; the head of the skull CT 2 MSV; the chest CT 8MSV; the abdomen CT10 MSV; the pelvic CT 10MSV;

It can be seen that the area of the irradiation is different, and the radiation dose is also different.There is no problem with the CT medical examination twice a year, but it should be avoided in a short period of time.Some people will say that patients with severe injuries on the hospital do not have to cancer every day?If you have more irradiation, you do not necessarily grow cancer, and people who do not illuminate will not have no cancer.The life -saving is tight, the life is gone, it is useless to say anything.

What should I protect when doing X -rays?

In 2012, the General Office of the Ministry of Health issued a notice on regulating the radiation inspection technology of standardized health examination applications.Article 7 is mentioned that medical institutions should equip the subjects with protective supplies and protect the non -irradiating site, especially children, adolescents, and women of childbearing age.

Each radiation machine room should be equipped with corresponding protective equipment, such as lead caps, bibs, apron, and lead clothes.

It is correct for the netizen’s request for the doctor to request for the doctor.Each patient has the right to request doctors to protect the non -irradiated parts.But where is he wrong?

The CT examination was cut off layer by layer. The netizen asked to do a chest CT examination, and the doctor needed to give him a neck and abdomen protection. I can only say that the courtiers can’t do it.Because the neck of a small part is needed when scanning the CT of the chest, because the lung tip and a small part of the neck are at the same level (as shown below), and the position of the bottom of the lungs includes a part of the upper abdomen.

The scanning line above is the image below. The same level of the two lung bottoms also includes liver, stomach, and spleen.Therefore, the upper abdomen cannot be blocked, otherwise the lungs will not be finished.However, if the upper abdomen CT, you can cover the pelvic genital organ with a lead.

What non -irradiated sites should be done in each part of inspection?


1. DR front side of the chest is the most common DR shooting site. At this time, you can wear lead caps, cover the lower abdomen with a lead plate, and leave the chest that needs to be taken.As shown in the figure

2. Abdominal flat tablets, the abdomen is popular in the abdomen, so you can wear a bib and lead cap.

3. Lumbar spine, pelvis, femoral bones, and hip joints also need to be shown to part of the abdomen, so the protection is the same.

4. Bone of the limbs, you can wear a bib, lead cap, and apron to cover the lower abdomen.

CT examination

1. The skull CT scan, you can wear a bib, a lead in the chest and abdomen to protect it.

2. CT scan, lead cap, and lead in the middle and lower part of the chest to protect the lead and abdomen.As shown in the figure

3. The upper abdomen CT can wear a bib, lead cap, and cover the lower abdomen glands.

4. The lower abdomen CT can wear a bib, lead cap, and blocking the chest.

5. The limb CT depends on the situation.

The above is the part where the conventional inspection should be protected.However, there are many patients in the work, busy at work, and really rarely achieve such comprehensive protection.The principle is to leak out the part to be taken, and the non -illumination site must be protected, focusing on protecting thyroid and glandular parts, especially infants, children, adolescents, and childcare women.If you are pregnant, please tell the doctor.If you need to accompany the inspection, the accompanying personnel should also be protected as much as possible.In addition, the doctor may protect you, you don’t know.

There is also a problem. After the netizens mentioned at the beginning, after finishing the chest CT, the symptoms of head pain appeared at home. This really does not blame the machine, nor does it blame hospitals and doctors. It is a personal psychological effect.One CT examination will not cause radioactive damage, nor will it immediately appear cancer, and the part of the photo is the chest, not the skull.Once a 56 -year -old patient had a headache and was admitted to the hospital for a CT examination. After the inspection, I said to me that I would not have a head pain. This machine is really used. Just take a picture.I laugh while saying nothing.Most of the conventional CT or X -ray examinations are only diagnostic and have no treatment function.Patients with improvement or worsening symptoms are often caused by psychological factors.

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