What problems can be seen in monitoring the base temperature?Teach you to see the basic body temperature BBT

Earlier, we talked about how to accurately test the basic body temperature and precautions (https://m.toutiao.com/is/jokxr2b/). Now we can see that the basic body temperature is diagnosed with ovulation.What are the problems:

1. Insufficient luteum function: Menstruation has follicle development and ovulation, but the lack of progesterone secretion in the luteal stage or premature luteal decline, resulting in poor endometrium secretion response and shortening of the luteal stage.It is easy to lead to not easy to conceive or abortion in early pregnancy.Basic body temperature is manifested as a double phase, but the duration of the high temperature is as short as 11 days.

2. Inadequate lutein atrophy: Ovulation is ovulate, luteal development is good, but the atrophy process is prolonged, resulting in irregular endometrium falling off.The clinical manifestation is the extension of the menstrual period, and the basal body temperature is double -phase, but the high temperature phase temperature rising and downward trend of high temperature phase after ovulation is slow.

3. Diagnosis of early pregnancy: Those with high temperature and high temperature for more than 20 days can diagnose early pregnancy.

Look at the following in detail:

There is a curve chart with normal ovulation

The picture above shows that the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days, and the basic body temperature curve shows the standard high and low temperature.Starting from menstruation-ovulation day, low temperature period for 14 days; continuous high temperature after ovulation for 14 days, of which 14 days are ovulation days.

The unborn mothers who are preparing to get pregnant are a good time on the same room on the 14th day of ovulation.

The menstrual cycle of each woman is not necessarily 28 days, so the basic body temperature curve diagram and icon observed will be different. The key is to know your low temperature period and high temperature period, to find the ovulation day, and arrange your own room for the same room., Increase the chance of pregnancy.

Basic body temperature curve without ovulation

The diagram of the basics without ovulation, continuous low temperature, no high temperature period, and no high or low temperature dual -phase changes. If it is measured that the sisters who are found to be as shown in the picture need to go to the hospital for treatment, the examination causes no ovulation, so that the right medicine can be prescribed., Treatment early!

Insufficient luteal function leads to shortening high temperature (less than 11 days) basic body temperature curve chart

The basic body temperature in the figure is double -phase, but the duration of the high temperature phase is as short as 11 days.It is easy to lead to not easy to conceive or abortion in early pregnancy.

Poor lutein function leads to a basic body temperature curve diagram of slow decrease in body temperature

The diagram of the mall of luteal dysfunction causes a slow decrease in body temperature. Generally speaking, when there is no conception, the concentration of lutein will fall off and drop rapidly.If the temperature decreases slowly, it means that the dysnion function is not good, and it is not conducive to pregnancy.

Inadequate lutein concentration causes the basic body temperature curve diagram with a slow increase in body temperature during ovulation

The diagram of the diagram of the lack of lutein concentration causes the temperature to rise slowly during ovulation. After ovulation on the 14th, the body temperature will rise slowly after ovulation on the 14th.This situation represents that the lutein concentration secreted by the body is not fast enough, resulting in slow body temperature.Usually it also represents poor ovulation status and decreased by the chance of conception.

Basic body temperature curve diagram of pregnancy

The graph is the basic body temperature curve diagram that is already pregnant. The high temperature continues from the 15th day to the 34th day, which has lasted 20 days.Generally speaking, the high temperature lasts for more than 16 is the sign of pregnancy.

The basic body temperature curve chart of suspected early abortion

The graph is the basic temperature curve chart of suspected early abortion. It lasted for 20 days from the 15th to 24th from the 15th to 24th.Generally, the signs of early abortion indicate that the level of progesterone is insufficient. If women find such basic body temperature, they should go to the hospital early to find out the cause.

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