What is the Teddy dog vomiting yellow water?How to solve?

Teddy dogs (poodles) are pet dogs raised by many people. I believe that as the time of raising dogs push, many people will encounter Teddy vomiting yellow water.Today, I will share with you the reasons and solutions for Teddy dog vomiting yellow water!

1. Hungry too long

The vomiting yellow water of Teddy dogs is actually a mixture of gastric acid and bile with too much stomach.Dogs are hungry for a long time. Without food digestion and absorption, it is easy to spit yellow water.The teddy dog with poor stomach and intestines, the time of hunger is slightly longer, and vomit yellow water.

2. Digestion

The teddy dog eats some foods that are not easy to digest, or eat too much and so on, which will cause gastrointestinal digestion and absorption pressure, stimulate the secretion of a large amount of gastric acid.Essence

3. Eat foreign objects by mistake

In the process of raising dogs, the pet owner may also encounter Teddy to eat rubber, packaging bags, plastics, metals, etc. things that cannot be digested and decomposed.Essence

4. Gastitis

Gastroenteritis is one of the main causes of Teddy dog vomiting yellow water. Teddy with gastroenteritis will have stomach pain, loss of appetite, and vomiting.The gastrointestinal gastrointestinal existence of gastric acid bile secretion is abnormal.

5. Small crown

Small coronents are infectious viruses. Dogs suffer from such infectious diseases. They often have secondary gastroenteritis. Vomiting, diarrhea, dilute, mental weakness, blood in the stool, etc.

1. Regular feeding

Feeding dogs must be regular. You must not be hungry to feed the dog with a meal. In the short term, the dog will vomit yellow water hungry.

2. Eat less meals

Teddy’s indigestion is also the reason for its vomiting of yellow water. Then the pet owner must choose to eat less meals or feed probiotics to help dogs improve indigestion.

3. Refusal training

Dogs will cause accidental foreign matter, mainly because they are greedy.The pets that raise Teddy dogs mainly strengthen the training of dogs. For the unknown food and the foreign body foods of the trash can, they must refuse food, so that the teddy dog is willing to eat dog food in the dog bowl and the owner’s own food.

4. Take medicine and infusion

After the dog suffers from gastroenteritis, the owner should take some anti -inflammatory gastric medicine for the dog. If necessary, you have to go to the hospital to infusion. During the recovery period, you can cooperate with the feed of the probioticforce.

5. vaccine

If the pet owner is discovered, the reason for Teddy vomiting yellow water is due to secondary gastroenteritis caused by small coronary viruses, which should be sent to the hospital for infusion treatment in time.But the best way is to regularly injection vaccines for Teddy to escort health.

Conclusion: Is there a situation of vomiting yellow water in your teddy dog?

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